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It seems like something from the dark ages of the internet. A tool used to communicate before we had social media, thousands of messaging apps (50,000 from Google) and even RSS – yet newsletters are still a considerable part of a brand and individuals communication, and I’ve started one.

Not because I had more to say, but because many of my posts and thoughts now are buried under millions of others posts on social media. My reviews come out weeks and months after all of the prominent publications release theirs, and frankly, the noise is a little too much.

It is tough to find an audience with so many excellent publications and people producing great things. Much like the resurgence of RSS feed consumption, newsletters feel infinitely more personal, and any communication feels more genuine. Putting a few barriers to entry, helps both myself and any person wishing to subscribe. I get a more engaged audience and the ability to share interesting posts and write different things, and subscribers are delivered it to consume at their leisure – it doesn’t go out of date or feel old.

This isn’t a pitch for you to subscribe, although I would like that, but more an explainer on why you should be more open to subscribing to a newsletter. Each medium has its place and an email in your inbox once in a while is a refreshing change from fast moving high consumption media.

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For the whole of this weekend, I turned my phone off. Not because it was bothering me, not because I was doing something important, but simply because I wanted to – and the world became a much quieter place.

I became fascinated by the silence that filled the gaps between us talking as a family, almost as if I didn’t want to spoil them. They became essential to me, they spoke to me, and I could feel what the silences were there to convey by just listening to them. Yes, I realise that sounds obscure, and I have re-written this post quite a few times already.

We are fascinated by the words, but where we meet is in the silence behind them — Ram Dass

Silence often fills us full of dread; when people are around us, silence becomes something to be avoided and talked over. Silence is a hugely important part of speech and conversation. It portrays emotion almost as much as the sounds in-between it, and when left alone, pulls more out of whoever chooses to break it.

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It becomes far more critical when I am not in front of the person talking to me. When consuming audiobooks and podcasts, the spaces of silence are a crucial attribute. It has become the norm to listen to podcasts at obscene speeds and even get the app to remove silence as if it is something to be avoided. It is treated as dead ‘air time’ that serves no purpose, and thankfully I will never edit it out of my own.

Breaking the silence of a room should become a choice; the reason for speaking is more important than the enjoyment of the quietness. Don’t speak because you are uncomfortable with the silence, become comfortable with the quiet instead.

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For the first 30 years of my life, I thought I was different from everyone else. I felt that my shifts in mood and outlook on life were abnormal and no one else felt like I did. I seemed strange to me that my happiness and motivation through the daily grind of life was more like a rollercoaster than it really should be. Wasn’t until the last few years that I learnt that everyone is the same, and these changes are what makes life so fulfilling.

Imagine a video game, how rubbish would it be if every level was easy to complete. You might start playing and enjoy it at first, but very soon the boredom would set in as the rewards became less fulfilling. Overcoming increases in difficulty and learning new skills because it keeps you hooked, and once you beat that last level the reward feels so much sweeter than if it were a walk in the park.

if you know the way broadly you will see it in all things – Miyamoto Musashi

Sure enough, getting that balance right is critical, cranking up the difficulty level at just the right times and places is vital. Too steep a jump and it becomes too much, and you’re likely to quit. However how more likely are you to stop than the straightforward version? The easy way out seems much more appealing but leaves a slightly hollow feeling.

As friends and family members go through their struggle with mental health the most abundant response is that of medication. Prescribing a pill that takes the world and blunts the sharp ends for you. Removes the stresses to a level that you don’t care. Making an average life filled with days that are all different when graded from 1-10, and makes them all a 5. I’m never convinced this is the best resolution, when just understanding their feelings are healthy may be the most straightforward option.

I am not advocating that people shouldn’t take medication that is needed, and please don’t take this as a post to try and say that. When prescribed a drug it is vital you take it, but the self-medication is far more dangerous. This may be with drugs or alcohol, but it may be simply removing yourself from the world. Shying away every time your life is tough and just not exposing yourself to the daily stresses and strains that make you stronger. Escaping the world when it gets too harsh, or painting a different outcome on social media is a far more dangerous way of evening out the world.

Creating my struggle is now something that I embrace and even welcome once it comes. When I’m struggling through hard times in the gym, or life, it makes the better times much better. I know the outcome I want to achieve and remember the fact that I have been there before to experience this wave breaking. Comfortable in the knowledge that I have learnt more from the days that we’re closer to breaking than those pitched in the middle. I thought at times my whole world had ended, but now look back and smile because I came through.

I can’t imagine a world that is made up I only 5s; it sounds like the most boring life in the world.

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I’ve had this post in my drafts for a long time because from both an internal and an external perspective it is something that bothers me tremendously. I have rewritten it so many times to try and avoid the negativity, and I hope this comes across in the right way.

More than a few times in my life I have fallen foul of letting my ego get the better of me, this hasn’t been lately but indeed is something I catch myself doing. Unfortunately, I am not alone, and social media seems to support these ego expansions, and you receive little push back.

Time and time again I see the over inflation of ego because they receive a little notoriety, receive a few followers that fluff this up and very quickly it gets out of control. They begin to forget the people that are around them and are removed to place they look down.

As I said before, this has happened to me, Buy Zolpidem India, but I see it more as we are more connected. When I think back to the person I was even a few years ago, I would have never written a post such as this, but I am confident now that I have learnt many lessons to pass them on.

The ego is such a dangerous part of our consciousness that it seems to work against us as a person and as a community. Don’t let it take over you and remember who you are, what you stand for and everything you wish to be. From experience we should all try and remember that our opinions do not matter more than others; you can learn from each one of your interactions, and be humble at all times.

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You might be wondering this, or you may not care (or even noticed) but I have been very absent from my usual haunts recently. This is partly by choice, and partly due to other reasons. I am, well I think I was, burnt out – but during my break away I have realised that the things I thought were important to me as a person, actually are not.

I came to a huge realisation. I thought it was social media that I loved, but I hate it. It’s the conversations I like, and they are becoming less and less. No one knows how to have a discussion any longer, and the technology circles I used to move in are no longer attractive. Interaction has died both back to my posts, and also from my end. I just can’t be bothered to respond because of passive aggressiveness or merely being ignored.

Quite frankly I feel it is no longer worth my time. That is not to say that engaging with my followers is no longer worthwhile; I’m not that arrogant. It is that time put in no longer equals value out, and at many points, it is detracting from my life and mental wellbeing. Lots of the people I looked up to as inspiration and motivation are not the types of person I want to be. I’m not interested in building a brand for myself, I want to be able to be myself, and that doesn’t revolve around the things it used to.

I spend a lot of my working life now designing, writing and working on things I used to be in my spare time. So when home time comes, I want to do different things. I feel like a different person now, with different desires, different motivations and a new outlook to life. I feel as though I’ve gone to a different stage in my life, so if in any doubt – that’s where I am.

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Not in that way! I’ve never been happy with the way my blog performs, or looks, and unfortunately I spend too much time tweaking things and even creating completely new ones! This is time I should be spending doing other things, or you know, actually writing things to publish on my blog.

So the time has come to make something and stick to it, I’m currently debating over a few different options – and I’ve managed to narrow it down to three options. I either move all of my content onto a hosted micro blog, publish everything on a redesigned Jekyll blog or use Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Uk.

Blot really appeals to me because I can just stick a markdown file in a Dropbox folder and let it work its magic. It’s quick and easy, minimal fee (£20 a year) and very minimal fuss. The downside of this is the themes are limited, and I’m struggling to get my head around editing it into something I’m happy with. My worry is that its a little slower than my Jekyll affair, and I think I will edit the design too much.

Buy Valium Australia


Jekyll is easy for me to work with, has zero cost (outside of a domain) and there are loads of themes and a wealth of knowledge out there on the internet. The downside is that it requires a bit more preparation to get a theme to where I want it to be, and a little more work in publishing (pushing to Github). This is pretty easy on iPad, but a little more annoying on Mac (but not impossible). has appealed to me for a long time, and it has almost infinite support for custom Hugo themes. However I am still not sure if I want all my short and long posts appearing together? As I have spoken about before, I am still struggling to admit I’m never going to be a writer. I publish completely different things on my Buy Zolpidem Tartrate Online Uk, to on my Buy Valium Cheap Online Uk – but in all honesty there is no reason this needs to continue.

I’m also a little nostalgic over my creaky old Jekyll theme, it is the only one I’ve used and I’ve modified it so much I think I could rebuild it in my sleep!

Generic Ambien Looks Like

For almost the entirety of this month I’ve been playing catch up. Both personally, professionally and also with podcasts. Delays in guests and the holidays meant I took an extended hiatus but came back Buy Zolpidem Reddit. There are already episode recorded for the next 5 weeks and more scheduled going forwards. I have had some great guests on already and feel humble that the listening numbers are climbing rapidly.

Things like this make me more focused despite a mini Buy Diazepam 10Mg at the start of the week. I have no idea where this imposter syndrome came from, but it can kindly go back where it came from. I spent hours worrying about the podcasts, panicking about the interviews not being good enough and thinking I should just quit. Which is not like me, but short of needing a break from scheduling, recording and editing – it is onwards and upwards.

Writing is coming back slowly, I have gotten more ideas and drafted out some posts including my thoughts on Buy Xanax Nz. Hopefully this will continue going forward as I catch up on things and become more organised.

As a strange result of being behind and restructuring of my working life I have once again reached to Buy Zolpidem Er 12.5 Mg – it still enables me to get more done when the going gets tough. Due to me reaching for a service so utilitarian this just goes to show just how much I have on my plate at the moment. However things are very much looking up and I have lots to look forward to over the next month.

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There is a tendency amongst the people I follow on Twitter, and converse with online to get defensive. If you buy a certain product, or talk about a particular thing you are then forever labeled. Expected to defend or comment on everything that happens in that space, and quite often passively mocked. I use Apple products, I more or less like what they produce – but I couldn’t care less what they do as a company.

I’ve said this a few times, most recently of which on Buy Yellow Diazepam – but I am unapologetically uninterested in half the ‘news’ surrounding the company. Just because I buy technology equipment from a certain company, purely because it fits my needs, does not mean I give a damn about anything else. If the company folds tomorrow, it might cause me a minor inconvenience, but I really wont care in the slightest.

Why should I care that Apple achieves a certain revenue, or equally that they are doomed because some person on Twitter says so. I am focused on what a difference the products make to my life, what they do for others, and what I can do to help people get the most from their device. I am not bothered how many iPhones sell in China (or anywhere) all I care about is if I buy one or not.

It’s exciting to talk about upcoming products, speculate on rumours about features, or even joke about software bugs – but when it comes to the rest of the noise all I can do is shrug.

Today, here and now, I am making a stand to avoid all talk about sales figures, share prices and all the other stuff that goes with it. I am focused on talking technology and what I does for me (and the world) and the positives surrounding various different products.

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A few years ago I used to write a lot about Lucie. Mention her a lot in posts about my life and also wrote a few from her perspective. Making light of situations when in reality it was my way of coping with feelings and emotions.

The greatest issue of which is lost sleep, and in a cruel twits of fate as I lay wide awake at a ridiculous time of the morning an old post shows up on Buy Phentermine Generic and it seems nothing has changed in two years.

Lucie has Buy Diazepam Legally and I don’t think it’s ever going to change. Sleep is something I now have a very strange relationship with, all thanks to my daughter who appears to not need any! As much as we try and provide as least distraction as possible, all the safety features and ridiculous amount of medication – her sleep is a constant issue. This invariably means me laying awake and writing blog posts or getting up and trying to mediate the noise so no one else wakes up.

I still have yet to work out the magic combination that allows us to get a reasonable about of sleep. Where’s as ‘normal’ children will have a bad nights sleep every so often, we are the reverse. We get a full night sleep once an a blue mood and rely on each other to keep going. Self medicating with coffee is perhaps not the answer but I did get a nice coffee machine for Christmas so it might help a little.

Think about me when you’re all tucked up in bed and relaxing. I will be the one chasing my daughter around the house to stop her working on a new techno beat by smashing two toys together.

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For years of my life I have been consuming the worst kind of blog posts. You know the ones – “successful people do this” or “10 task manager tricks to make you better”. I’ve read so many of these that Pocket surfaces what seems like every version of them on the planet. I’ve watched Buy Valium 10 Mg Online on the subject, spent loads of money on apps, and caused my self so much stress. All because I wanted to be better, do more, and I was convinced the secret was out there somewhere.

Whilst putting the world to rights on the Outline podcast, Daryl asked me if I am ever happy with my set up. Of course the answer is no! I am never happy and constantly try and improve my productivity and set up. – Greg Morris, Buy Alprazolam 2Mg Online India

When all along there was a pretty simple word that allowed me to be more productive, actually achieve more, and work much smarter. That word was NO – and it came as a reply to many questions that started with the phrase “could you just”.

You see I could “just do this” and “see if I could do that” but in reality I couldn’t do anything more than I already did. It wasn’t more tasks I needed, it was better tasks and a higher outcome from them. There is no quick and easy step, there is no golden secret waiting in all of these posts. If there were tips around to suddenly ‘turbocharge’ your productivity then everyone would know it, and there would be no need for literally millions of words on the subject.

I am a robot, programmed to obliterate my to-do list. – David Sbarra, Buy Valium In Cambodia

Ditched GTD

The first step was to get rid of my habit of writing everything into my task manger. I know people swear by the Getting Things Done principles, but if it’s in the task list it feels as though you now have to do it. That’s not to say don’t write down things that you may forget, but actually think about what you are putting in there.

Should I be doing this?
Who should be doing this?
What is the benefit to me?
What is the benefit to a larger goal?

If it simply doesn’t seem relevant, it doesn’t go in, simple. I’ve become much more Buy Xanax 1Mg Uk, and surprisingly managed to squeeze more into my day. Simply because I’ve said no to things that are not going to benefit me or those around me, or that I simply can get out of doing. I’ve learnt to focus my time onto things that really need doing, and filled in the smaller tasks around me.

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I have never shared anything like this before. Admittedly I share quite a lot but my journal entries Buy Ambien Sj Cheap are deeply private and actually embarrassing in some instances. Yet I wrote this short snippet in today and wanted to share it with whoever reads my blog.

I’m writing these things for future me to read and understand this is where you made your stand. This is the lowest point that you will build from, no more stress, no more worry.

Most of the time I don’t even realise what I am writing until I read it back. I have got into the habit of sitting down for 20mins and just letting my fingers type away and express the way the day has gone. Some times it makes little sense but it is extremely beneficial to free my mind of some feelings and thoughts.

I do read them back from time to time, often using the ‘on this day’ feature, as it is useful to see if I have been here before. If I have made improvements from other periods in my life, or if I can learn anything to help the ‘current me’.

Unfortunately at the moment I am reading and also writing the same sort of things I did at this point last year. Headaches, stress and low motivation blighting what should be a happy time of year. Don’t get me wrong I am really looking forward to spending the next 10 days relaxing, exercising, meditating and with my family.

However this definitely is my time to build ready for 2019. I am determined to make this a great year (I know I say this every year). I am genuinely excited to achieve more, work smarter Buy Msj Valium Pill and publish more.