Forcing Myself To Write

Well what on earth have you been doing on your blog for the last few years you might wonder. Well, I’ve been typing – but very little writing. So I’ve pulled out a notebook and forced myself to use it to write in my own handwriting!

Part of this is a push for less reliance on digital media, but mostly this is a real push to improve my handwriting. I’ve tried to do this several times, mainly using my iPad Pro, but a [post by Chris Wilson]( has made me yearn for the the mental improvements also.

To be frank my handwriting is terrible – years of my writing everything on a laptop or phone has exasperated bad habits picked up soon after college. I simply never had reason to write much outside of greetings cards and the occasional note. My journaling is done using Day One, and everything else is emails and text messages. Leading to a scrawl that resembles something between a toddler and a doctor, which I find quite embarrassing to be honest.

So both myself and my 7yo old are doing the same handwriting practice and it’s wonderful.