🔗 Device Advice

When deciding whether to buy or to hang on to devices and gadgets—both in the present and the future—the filter we need to employ is the simple question “What problem does it solve?” Device Advice

This is one of the biggest questions I ask myself when buying new technology.

Much of the time now the iteration or new product is not revolutionary, more iterative and if it doesn’t solve a problem - what’s is the point.

Don’t buy a new device because it is new, but because it adds something new that is needed.

🔗 Many Siris · Bryan Irace

If the Lyft app is installed on your iPhone, you can ask Phone Siri to order you a car. But you can’t ask Mac Siri to do the same, because she doesn’t know what Lyft is. Compare and contrast this with the SDKs for Alexa and the Google Assistant – they each run third-party software server-side, such that installing the Lyft Alexa “skill” once gives Alexa the ability to summon a ride regardless of if you’re talking to her on an Echo in your bedroom, a different Echo in your living room, or via the Alexa app on your phone. Many Siris · Bryan Irace

This is ultimately where the Apple privacy stance falls down. With on device processing Apple are unable (or unwilling) to make abilities available everywhere.

They could in theory sync encrypted information to other devices. Or allow for account information to be stored in iCloud, however this again breaks Apples privacy ethics.

There may soon become a time when Apple needs to back down from such a view point and give users the ability to opt in. Until then don’t bank on Siri being able to do everything everywhere.

🔗 Apple Trying to Get MacBook Down to $999. Maybe They Should also Try One with iOS. – BirchTree

As I said last night, Apple should also make a version of this new MacBook at runs iOS and see what the separation is in sales. I’d be incredibly curious to see is a MacBook with a 13 inch screen and keyboard would sell better running iOS or macOS Apple Trying to Get MacBook Down to $999. Maybe They Should also Try One with iOS. – BirchTree

The MacBook running iOS is the iPad Pro?

Whilst I see where Matt I coming from I just don’t see that this would sell very well. It may be appealing to us nerds that already work on their iPad/iPhone. But Apple must sell tens of millions fo devices to make it worth while.

Such is the life of one of the biggest companies in the world!

🔗 Siri needs to become a platform

Platform versus OS appendage, it’s a philosophical construct that’s really hurt Apple at this point. Siri needs to become a platform | iMore

Siri needs to stop being something tacked onto iOS updates and be able to run wild and pick up abilities that Apple can’t provide. The amazing possibilities that Siri could have achieved are long gone, and it’s clear Apple are holding it back.

🔗 Is the Answer to Phone Addiction a Worse Phone? - The New York Times

Silicon Valley companies like Facebook and Google know this, and they have increasingly been turning to the field of applied neuroscience to see how exactly brains respond to color in the apps, what brings pleasure and what keeps the eye. Is the Answer to Phone Addiction a Worse Phone? - The New York Times

Although I completely understand where this article is coming from. I don’t agree the answer is Apple themselves to make a worse phone.

Apple have no interest in keeping you invested in your phone and holding your attention. They have already made their money so the transaction is pretty much over.

However it is app and platform designers that are to blame. Their whole business model is built around attention and a worse phone to use wouldn’t curb this much. It would purely move the issue to OEM that make better phones.

The answer is inside us.

🔗 Apple reducing parts for new iPhone face scanning

According to industries, it is heard that Apple is planning to strengthen face sensing function starting from 2019 models. That is why it is planning to increase number of parts that will be used for iPhones and is looking into combination of a face recognition module with a camera module. 대한민국 IT포털의 중심! 이티뉴스

I am surprised this wasn’t the case with the first gen, however it make sense given the rush to release the iPhone X last year and not 2018.

Reducing parts should also reduce the notch, right? Right!

🔗 Social Media Is Making Us Dumber

It highlights a disturbing, worsening tendency in social media in which tribal allegiances are replacing shared empirical understandings of the world. Social Media Is Making Us Dumber. Here’s Exhibit A.

This highlights many of my frustrations not just with social media itself but munch of society. We seem to be too interested in pulling out everything that divides us and failing to realise we are all the same person.

🔗 Is blogging dead?

We’re less likely to call these things blogs—maybe we’ll call it a newsletter, or a publication. Or a Twitter feed. Or a Facebook feed. Or a YouTube channel Is Blogging Dead?

Without doubt the blogging world has changed hugely. I think podcasting may just be the new blogging. With awesome one man small casts like Birchtree so easy to consume its boom time. Could everything be a blog?

🔗 Don’t worry about numbers

Follower counts are not very useful for a new platform. They add anxiety and unavoidably lead to value judgements when considering whether to follow someone, instead of letting the quality of someone’s writing and photos speak for itself.

I’ve written several times about my love hate relationship with writing. Worrying about what people will read on and share. Logging onto analytics ridiculous times a day to have a look. But a post by the creator of micro blog Manton Reece may have finally lasted my feelings to rest. His blog post about not worrying about numbers and why Micro.blog doesn’t have follower counts is great. It shows the ethics of the platform and also some great thoughts about Facebook!