Federighi’s statement may be noble—privacy advocates would certainly argue it’s the correct stance—but it also makes good business sense in this post-Facebook/Cambridge Analytica age. As we become more keenly aware of how our data is being accessed and manipulated, often without our knowledge, a technology company that emphasizes features that protect a user’s privacy stands out like a flower among the weeds. It’s a reason to considering buying devices from Apple instead of someone else.

I don’t agree with this take at all. Apple have adopted this stance for a long time now and it is not for buisness reasons. They could make far more by harvesting data and using it for all sorts of practices. They have arguably made their technology harder to develop and in some people’s opinion worse because of their willingness to keep your data private.

Apple’s stance is the most ethical to take and one that may attract new users, but this is not the reason they do what they do, merely a byproduct.