A lot of podcasts are basically just a group of people chatting together with very little attention paid to those who might be listening. It’s as if we’re not there but are just eavesdropping, like being in a café or on the bus, except that if we were in a café or on a bus there would be the added frisson of trying not to look as though we’re listening, of only catching every other word and having to make up the rest of the conversation ourselves.

Uhmmm yes? Podcasts come in all shapes and sizes and not everything is interesting to all people. That is one of the things I love about them.

Even some of the most thought after ones are not for me, but there are still far too many in my subscribe list that I love and many I haven’t discovered yet.

I am sure there are podcasts out there that this person would enjoy, that pay attention to their audience, but they seem prefixed on BBC podcasts for some reason. Whilst doing this all podcast are tarred with the same brush, someone direct this person the the overcast library please!