Shortcuts are a big part of iOS 12 and watchOS 5. Instead of opening apps and then doing things, Apple is trying to make it so people can more easily do the things they want to do without having to find an app icon first. Whether it’s seeing a shortcut you didn’t even set up yourself, asking Siri to do something you do all the time, or setting up complex automations, Shortcuts will be a big part of iOS and watchOS starting this fall for everybody.

The problem is that what most people are referring to as Shortcuts contains only part of the overall experience. When talking about Shortcuts in BYOD I referred to it as outside the average users ability - I was talking about Shortcuts, the app which will be on the app store and is essentially Workflow 2.0.

The average user will come across Siri Shortcuts (or My Shortcuts) - part of the OS that allows users to set up a shortcut into parts of apps installed on their phone. Android does a similar thing with Slices.

We have a similar problem with the current app when you refer to Workflow (the app) or workflow (the actually chain of actions). It sounds like semantics but is actually important to understand what you are talking/writing about. Shortcuts is still very unlikely to appeal to anyone but power users, however if Apple do a good job of surfacing Siri Shortcuts to users it stands a much better chance of getting through.