Apps should be able to be marked as “work” apps. This would simply mean they are an app that is useful to you when you are at work, but either useless or annoying when you are out of the office. As a real world example, I have Jira notifications turned on so that I can keep a pulse on what is happening with my board at work. This is great when I’m in the office and keeping track of things, but it was annoying as hell as I was driving down the interstate today and these notifications came pouring in even though I didn’t want to think about work.

I actually think this needs to go deeper. I think notification control needs to customisable to a ridiculous level. Notifications should have to be marked why they are being pushed to you. Is this a reminder, is it a message, has someone tagged me in a meme, is it a marketing push? Users should be able to choose when the phone should show anything.

I shouldn’t be stuck with the current all or nothing approach. I want messages to buzz between 10-4 and nothing else. I want everything to be silent when a meeting is in my calendar. I want to be able to control what is important to me at what time.