🔗 People are the way they are | James Shelley

People are the way they are because it is the way they have adapted to survive in their world. You can accept them or reject them for it, but it makes little sense to try to change it. People are they way they are because it is the way that works for them. The same way you are.

I gave up the idea of being able to change other people a long time ago. As much as you perhaps don’t understand why people are they way they are, it is not your job to.

You can try and help people, make them aware of the negative things they are doing but never try to change.


🔗 All the people Apple just pissed off to better protect your privacy

Federighi’s statement may be noble—privacy advocates would certainly argue it’s the correct stance—but it also makes good business sense in this post-Facebook/Cambridge Analytica age. As we become more keenly aware of how our data is being accessed and manipulated, often without our knowledge, a technology company that emphasizes features that protect a user’s privacy stands out like a flower among the weeds. It’s a reason to considering buying devices from Apple instead of someone else.

I don’t agree with this take at all. Apple have adopted this stance for a long time now and it is not for buisness reasons. They could make far more by harvesting data and using it for all sorts of practices. They have arguably made their technology harder to develop and in some people’s opinion worse because of their willingness to keep your data private.

Apple’s stance is the most ethical to take and one that may attract new users, but this is not the reason they do what they do, merely a byproduct.


🔗 Understanding Shortcuts in iOS 12 | BirchTree

Shortcuts are a big part of iOS 12 and watchOS 5. Instead of opening apps and then doing things, Apple is trying to make it so people can more easily do the things they want to do without having to find an app icon first. Whether it’s seeing a shortcut you didn’t even set up yourself, asking Siri to do something you do all the time, or setting up complex automations, Shortcuts will be a big part of iOS and watchOS starting this fall for everybody.

The problem is that what most people are referring to as Shortcuts contains only part of the overall experience. When talking about Shortcuts in BYOD I referred to it as outside the average users ability - I was talking about Shortcuts, the app which will be on the app store and is essentially Workflow 2.0.

The average user will come across Siri Shortcuts (or My Shortcuts) - part of the OS that allows users to set up a shortcut into parts of apps installed on their phone. Android does a similar thing with Slices.

We have a similar problem with the current app when you refer to Workflow (the app) or workflow (the actually chain of actions). It sounds like semantics but is actually important to understand what you are talking/writing about. Shortcuts is still very unlikely to appeal to anyone but power users, however if Apple do a good job of surfacing Siri Shortcuts to users it stands a much better chance of getting through.


🔗 We are all trapped in the Feed – Om on Tech

We are all trapped in the “Feed” – Om on Tech

The algorithms lack a depth of understanding and context, despite knowing so much.

No matter where I go on the Internet, I feel like I am trapped in the “feed,” held down by algorithms that are like axes trying to make bespoke shirts out of silk. And no one illustrates it better than Facebook and Twitter, two more services that should know better, but they don’t.

I am so fed up of being sold the promise of better content and better adverts if I give up my personal information. The reality is that all the promises are fake, the companies serve nothing than the lowest denominator and much of the intelligence promised is complete rubbish.

If this is what is to be expected from the best AI company in the world I think humanity has nothing to fear from robots. They will presume the whole population has been wiped out because a few of us died.


🔗 It's time for the iPad and iOS to Grow Up - Oh My Pizza Blog

Using an iPad with an external keyboard is an interesting experience. There are often times where you need to reach up to the screen to accomplish a task because there isn’t a keyboard shortcut or a pointing device to assist you with that task. Dragging and dropping things can be frustrating as you’ll need to take your hand off the keyboard to do it. Selecting large amounts of text and moving it without reaching your hand up to the screen is almost impossible. This is unnecessary friction that could be solved if Apple allowed the iPad to use a trackpad.

Perhaps I am in the minority but I just don’t see the need for a trackpad. This would need to be multitouch and incorporate a multitude of gestures for multi tasking. If you’re going to the extent of adding on a surface style keyboard and trackpad I would say three words.

Buy a MacBook.


🔗 Work Apps in iOS 12 – BirchTree

Apps should be able to be marked as “work” apps. This would simply mean they are an app that is useful to you when you are at work, but either useless or annoying when you are out of the office. As a real world example, I have Jira notifications turned on so that I can keep a pulse on what is happening with my board at work. This is great when I’m in the office and keeping track of things, but it was annoying as hell as I was driving down the interstate today and these notifications came pouring in even though I didn’t want to think about work.

I actually think this needs to go deeper. I think notification control needs to customisable to a ridiculous level. Notifications should have to be marked why they are being pushed to you. Is this a reminder, is it a message, has someone tagged me in a meme, is it a marketing push? Users should be able to choose when the phone should show anything.

I shouldn’t be stuck with the current all or nothing approach. I want messages to buzz between 10-4 and nothing else. I want everything to be silent when a meeting is in my calendar. I want to be able to control what is important to me at what time.


🔗 How to Create File Templates on Your Mac With Finder's Stationery Pad Feature - Mac Rumors

Stationery Pad doesn’t get much attention these days, but it’s a neat alternative to repeatedly editing templates and using the “Save As…” command, which can lead to overwriting the original file if you’re not too careful.

Almost any file type can be defined as a template with Stationery Pad – it could be used to streamline common Photoshop jobs, create skeleton HTML/CSS files, or help with Word document invoicing. To make use of Stationery Pad, create the file you want to use as a template, then follow the steps below.

I am seeing more and more mac features that could save me a lot of time in creating blog posts. I’m not convinced it would be as easy as Workflow or Drafts but it could come close.


🔗 Use Minimalism as a Means to an End, Not an End in Itself, to Live a Fulfilling Life

I don’t like writing, but I like sending a new book off to print, and hitting publish on a blog post that informs and inspires my readers.

I don’t think I like writing anymore. I like having written.

I don’t like putting pressure on myself because I think I have to write a certain way. I have to publish a certain thing, or I have to publish a set amount.

I don’t impose these things on myself anymore. I use it as a means to an end, I like writing to get things out of my brain and don’t think about what I’m supposed to do.

Many people put too much pressure on themselves to become more minimal. Yet it is a means to feel less pressure with less stuff. Not feel pressure to have less stuff.


🔗 Marcelo Marfil - A homescreen experiment

Which reminds me, whenever I was bored as a kid, I’d either go outside and play with my friends or just, you know, be bored. Being bored is good for the brain and smartphones are taking away from us this fundamental human condition.

Love this experiment and think I am going to do something similar to my own phone. I’ve already removed all but essential apps from my work iPhone and changed to a plain black background.

Stay tuned.


🔗 Android Creator Puts Essential Up for Sale, Cancels Next Phone

Essential Products Inc., a startup co-founded by Android creator Andy Rubin that launched last year to great fanfare, is considering selling itself and has canceled development of a new smartphone, according to people familiar with the matter.

I thought Essential were a Billion dollar company? Maybe not 😐