The Strange World Of Productivity Set Up Videos

Whilst putting the world to rights on the Outline podcast, Daryl asked me if I am ever happy with my set up. Of course the answer is no! I am never happy and constantly try and improve my productivity and set up. This invariably leads me down a rabbit hole and into the very weird world of productivity set up videos. [Read More]

Copying The Notch Is Only Part Of The Problem

There are so many things I don’t understand about technology companies, and even more I don’t understand about users. We are almost predisposed to pick a side and sick with them to the bitter end (not being a fan boy is hard). Yet the companies we stick by make the strangest of decisions for us, locking down customisations, installing default apps or even ripping off brands users claim to hate.... [Read More]

The W1 Conundrum

As I work on producing more and more podcast audio headphones are becoming one of the most important things in my tech arsenal. My trusty wood backed over ear wired headphones that I have been using since EuroTech Talk (I have no idea what they are they came free with a subscription to wired) are no longer cutting it. [Read More]

My Things Setup

Since the massive 3.4 update I have been playing with the todo app Things quite a lot. This is no surprise if you’ve followed me since then because the feed has been filled with workflows. I have watched countless videos and read loads of blog posts of other people set ups, so I though I would share my own. [Read More]

Workflow - Bear And Things For Ideas

This is becoming a bit of a regular occurrence, I’m on a roll creating Workflows to make my writing easier. This latest one uses my new todo app Things and my favourite notes app Bear to make sure I catch all the ideas I have for blog posts. [Read More]

Textor - The Simple Text Editor

There are no shortage of text editors on iOS, and I’m pretty sure I’ve tried most of them. They range from the amazingly powerful (and my personal favourite) Ulysses down to those that are tiny and straight forward. Textor is one of the later, but that isn’t to say it isn’t an excellent tool. [Read More]

Workflow - Using Bear For Notes In Things

Since starting to use Things as my full time task manager I’ve become a bit obsessed with automating everything. Not only have I been building my own Workflows, I’ve been unearthing other people’s for inspiration. A rich vein of resource has been The Sweet Set Up, and they proposed using one of my favourite note taking apps Bear as a repository for notes related to Things tasks. [Read More]

Workflow - Interesting Links To Things

Wow, well this adventure into the possibility of using Things as a replacement for Todoist is proving fruitful. That is not to say I couldn’t do most of these things in other apps, but the automation seems much more approachable. It also helps that people like Federico at MacStories keep giving me inspiration for more Workflows. This Workflow simplifies one shared with MacStories members, and allows me to quickly add... [Read More]

Workflow - Natural Language Dates In Things

As you might have gathered already I have been playing around with Things 3 from Cultured Code. After being a long time Todoist user it has taken a little getting used to, but the recent updates have made the app provide almost everything that I am looking for. One major missing piece is natural language processing, and once you have started using things in this way it is hard to... [Read More]

Workflow - Spark Email to Things

Following the updates to Things 3 to add in automation features I have been deep into experimenting. Federico over at MacStories has been publishing his thoughts and examples, so I though I would start to share some of mine. [Read More]