The amount of times I’ve missed the dual camera

Does there have to be a reason to buy a bigger phone other than just a bigger screen? The Plus model of the iPhone has already proved a runaway success with users, but with the iPhone 7 Apple chose to give it something extra - another camera. [Read More]

Today’s Forecast Review

There is nothing more British than talking about the weather. Perhaps it’s our every changing climate, but for some reason it’s a national past time. Your daily knowledge of the incoming drizzle must be at Olympic level, so a good weather app is a must. There are quite a few out there, some good, some bad, and some with too much information to take in. Today’s Forecast hopes to change... [Read More]

Putting back the iPhone 7 headphone jack

When Apple removed the iPhone 7 headphone jack it was a move that polarised opinions. Analysts, bloggers and every day users came down into two camps, those that thought it was user hostile and stupid, or those that didn’t care and it was a move required to move forward. Ever since people have been trying to live with it or put it back on. Well Scotty Allen has succeed and... [Read More]

How to put chapters into your podcast

Aside from the company future looking a little bleak, one of the motivating reasons behind moving Bring Your Own Device from Soundcloud was to add in chapter markers for our listeners. Several shows have been doing this for quite a while and it makes it so simple to find the news we are talking about. This week I finally got around to doing it and here is how you can... [Read More]

D22 Bar Demo- Devs Test Your Apps

Since the iOS11 GM leaked (or was given) to 9to5mac and others there has been a wealth of information being uncovered. This made some people mad, but we now know the name of the phone, lots of details on what it can do and how things will work including new Animoji feature. [Read More]

I’m Usually Really Careful With My Phone

I really am very careful you know - in fact I take too much care of my phone. It is nearly always nestled in a quality case, and I don’t even like laying it flat on a table when it’s not. Yet despite all these things, this week I managed to throw my phone across a car park and my case saved me. [Read More]

Bear and Ulysses

If you have read a few posts on my blog, you will know I have a soft spot for productivity apps, ever searching for the best thing. Well I used to also do that with writing apps, my devices have gone through a slew of writing apps over the last few years. My iPad is my primary computer, and writing my primary aim, so the right app is important -... [Read More]

A Smaller Phone Makes Me Much Happier

Since just before Christmas I’ve been questioning many things in my life and making improvements wherever I can. Not due to anything in particular, simply an attempt to make myself happier and more engaged with life. This has lead me to some great places. I have been meditating, cutting down my social media use and for the most part cutting down my phone usage. Not only for the benefit of... [Read More]