New Apple Image Tech Breaks Google Photos

During WWDC Apple zipped through so many features, many were given very little stage time, or not mentioned at all. Yet Apple spent a reasonable amount of time discussing their new photo compression in iOS 11, gaining lots of very positive feedback. However there are some small issues using it before things are ready! [Read More]

iPad Pro 10.5- Initial Impressions

If you listen to the BYOD podcast (and you should) you will already know that I did a complete 180 over ordering a new iPad. I don’t often get caught up in reviews or hype, but when the reviews are so overwhelmingly positive it’s hard to not want to try one out. [Read More]

New iPhone 8 Dummy Phone

Silly season seems to start earlier and earlier each year. As much as Apple try to stop it, the leaks come thick and fast from WWDC onwards. Each new handset has its leaking star, and so far it has been Benjamin Gaskin, showing off purported iPhone 8 dummy phones. [Read More]

Major Rise in Mac Malware Reported

It was once a long held belief that anti-virus and internet security programs just weren’t required on OSX (now macOS). Unfortunately as penetration of the consumer market increases, so to does the attention of programmers with nefarious motives. Internet security firm McAfee report that malware aimed at Macs is increasing dramatically. [Read More]

Apple Holding 'Lose Your Wallet' Shopping Event

Apple is building a multi-billion dollar services business that may soon be unrivalled. Sucking in revenue from everything from App Store sales to iCloud storage, but its crowning jewel is Apple Pay. As the service continues to expand Apple are holding a special Apple Pay event in San Francisco. [Read More]

App Store Adverts Being Abused by Scammers

One of Apple’s major marketing points is how much they pay developers in revenue. Highlighting only a few weeks ago that it has paid them $70 billion dollars, with more than $21billion last year alone. However it would appear that dodgy App Store adverts and in-app purchases are bumping that total up through very illegitimate means. [Read More]

In iOS11 Apple Attempts to Make Messages Even More Secure

Since 2012, for many iOS users iMessage or Messages is the glue that keeps them using the platform. Apple’s messaging platform makes sending and receiving messages on any of your devices a breeze. It may have stickers, and now Apple Pay payments, but encryption has always been one of its biggest selling points. Starting with iOS11 is going to be a whole lot more secure thanks to iCloud. [Read More]

Zoho Notebook Review

There can’t be many iOS or Mac app for note taking that I still haven’t tried. As soon as I’ve reviewed an app, gone through all the setting up process and made a choice to switch, I start looking around for other apps. I have a major fear of missing out on something that could be a better fit. Truth be told it costs me a fortune, subscription services or... [Read More]