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Why all the noise?

So yesterday I went back to the gym. It’s not a place I visit often, as I prefer exercising outside. With an even longer break recently due to injury and illness, it was hard to go back at all but I returned anyway. Wanting to give my body some different stress to deal with for a change.

Nothing ever changes, from gym to gym, location to location they are all pretty much the same. Staffed by the same types of people, inhabited by the same types of people to — but do they have to play the music so dam loud?

I am all for motivational music, its proven to make you work harder, but it is never just background volume level. I prefer to watch a film or TV show when doing cardio, as I’m usually on there for more than an hour so often its hard to hear much. Not to mention when looking around the gym every single person had headphones on — so why does the pumping techno need to be at teenager bedroom levels.

It got to the point at the local leisure centre gym that I couldn’t hear my own music from my head phones over their ‘background music’. This put me off completely to the point I stopped going because I was fed up of asking them to turn to down, and them doing nothing. I can’t image what someone less confident, or a person with hearing issues would feel like.

Personal Rave

By the time I had finished my gym session I was the only person in there. So it felt like I had my own personal rave. Pumping techno, sweating profusely and lots of weird pills for sale — took me straight back to my youth!
So if you work in a gym, own a gym or just go regularly somewhere to work out think about the music levels and think of others.

On the plus side, my AirPods don’t fall out at the gym! Review coming soon.