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Non tech writing

For the last few years I have dedicated myself to writing about technology. I have always found something in writing words down. Reading and writing were frankly not my strength at an early age, but the expression of scribbling words down onto paper gave me something that nothing else did.

Combine this with an almost life long love of technology and communication, combining the two was a no brainer. Yet the years have been so full of ups and down I occasionally take a step back and think about what’s going on. Technology is an extremely crowded place, but so is everything online, anyone with a computer and even a tiny bit of knowledge can start a blog and put some words out there.

For the last few weeks I have really enjoyed writing about other things. I tried daily blogging a few months, and only because I wanted to try and get myself back into writing my tech reviews. Only for that to fade after a few days, and only continued in any great length now.

I must say I am really enjoying focusing on something else. I have written more blogs about my daughter (which lots of people seem to enjoy), more blogs about myself and also been more interested in writing on my bog about Apple than I have for a long time. I’m feeling much less pressure to, my editors never put any on me, yet I always seemed to have 3–4 review waiting to write and emails from PR people.

Freedom of ideas

Much more than this I feel I can write whatever I want, and go where ever the mood takes me. If I’m struck by an idea for something to write about I can write a new notes easily and see if anything comes of it. Some of that has been down to the Ulysses app and some of it is definitely down to my improved mental health.

I often start with one simple idea, making a few notes to see how far I could take the idea and later in the day fleshing it out into 3–500 words. Yet equally it sometimes starts as one idea and quickly changes into another, as seen with my post about belonging to a team. A few weeks ago this would have been a post purely about the reactions to AirPods by Android fans, yet now it evolved into a much deeper conversation with myself I felt like sharing.

Im hoping if you are reading this you like the change, I have certainly had much more feedback and support.