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Great Customer Service

I guess today post is about other people for a change. I have written too many words in the last few weeks about myself that I feel like a narcissist ( I spelt that correct on the first try to). My friend once told me that I’m “full of useless information and advice” and I guess that leaks out into my writing every now and again.

Yet today, other people have improved and brightened up my day without even knowing it. Delivering great customer service and going out of their way to make things just that little bit easier. I won’t go into details about my experience, but the who and the whats are not really that important. Yet the experience improved my day ten fold, and not least because it was near enough the first person I interacted with today.

I was very much of the belief that customer service had died a sudden death in the last few years. Retailers and eateries are more bothered about high turn over to deliver great experiences. Sure there are some exceptions, but my experience when dealing with retail, in general is usually negative.

Just that one experience made such a difference, it was surprising, delightful and I passed it on through the day. Something as simple as a smile and an upbeat positive attitude works wonders for our own attitudes, and it spreads like wild fire.

All of the customer service surveys, email follow ups and market research companies in the world are pointless, when all you need do is stand and measure the attitudes of the people leaving the premises.

How many times in our own day do we slack on the way we come across to people because we can’t really be bothered. When a smile to someone else will improve both their day and just maybe our own.