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The Art Of Conversation

This sounds really stupid, talking to other people is one of the most natural things to do. Yet the more people I talk to, from all levels of society, the more I realise that the vast majority of people simply do not know how to converse.

For more people than I care to put a number on, a conversation is something that needs to be won. They take the approach that the exchange of ideas is something that needs a victor and will simply do anything to impose themselves on others. Safe in the belief that their preconceived ideas, judgements and even at time prejudices are better than all others.

Perhaps this is a defence mechanism because they don’t like to be questioned, or is simply a power issue. The fact that their thoughts are the best ones and should be listened to above all others, or are they simply not tested intellectually? I really don’t know.

I keep saying this but there is without doubt nothing better than having your pre-existing thoughts, ideas and even your very personality questioned and tested. The best thing about it is that these thoughts you have can either become stronger and hold up, or can be shattered completely to allow you to question lots of things.

Sometimes ideas hold up and resist people that have have apposing ideas, reinforcing them. This is how your beliefs become strong and develop over time into something you hold dearly.

Yet more often than not, and often the situation that can be the most rewarding in the long run, ideas flex and move. You could end up with these things you held dear becoming completely broken. This is a pretty scary position to be in, hence why many people are scared to even start. Resisting any testing with all their might.

A taxing and informative conversation speaks to something deep in the human psyche. It leaves you invigorated and deeply fulfilled on a level nothing else does. It is something that should be celebrated and sought out, not feared or revered. Hopefully each time you converse with someone you will take away something valuable, either about the world, yourself or other people.

A conversation is something that doesn’t need a victor, the only victor should be your mind. #Deep