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You are supposed to be stressed

It is clear to anyone, that in terms of evolution we have come a long way in a short period of time. We live in the best period of time there has ever been. Our chance of survival to an old age is pretty high and dangers are at a very low level.

Yet we all experience mental stress on different levels. There is a pretty straight forward reason for that — we’re simply designed to be stressed in some form or another. Our body and mind have evolved over time to deal with whatever the environment throws at us and do our best to get by. In the modern age we live in complete comfort when compared to even a hundred years ago.

Our bodies do not have to put up with the levels of exertion and taxing that we once did. So our bodies create stress itself, anxiety is a mental state of fight to flight that is very natural. It is how we deal with the mental stress that is key, the amount of times I have been feeling anxious or drained by a thought and I have simply run until I don’t care anymore is extremely high.

In fact research has shown that placing physical stress on the body will reduce mental stress. It is one of the most specified reasons for running and often is the only reason for many runners that completed upwards of marathon distances.
How do bones grow denser and stronger, under stress. How to we make our muscles stronger or faster, we stress them to the point of splitting. Our minds are no different, the better our body is at dealing with physical stress and better our minds are at coping.

Next time you feel stressed, pass that stress onto your body and exert yourself. It doesn’t have to be running huge distances or going to the gym. A brisk walk or a few jumping jacks might just do the trick.