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This just isn’t making me happy

I don’t know if it was Christmas, the stress I put up with in the weeks leading up to it, or just the fact that Im getting old — but Ive been trying to make a change for the last few months. In fact you will already know that if you have read any of my posts since December.

The world just keeps sucking me back in, and that doesn’t make me happy. For the last couple of weeks I haven’t meditated, I haven’t been asking the right questions of myself and I have truly been missing.


I walk around wondering what the hell we need half this stuff for. I know it’s all complete crap and adds no value. I know all the crap I worry about is completely pointless and adds nothing to my life. Yet I can’t help myself, because I’ve been told of years these are the things that make up life.

These things on TV and radio, or in magazines advertisements are what you really need to worry about. Don’t worry about “finding yourself’, or any one else for that matter because this thing. THIS THING is really what you need. It will make you content with your life.

It might not be a product at all. It might be a new job, or a fitter body, or a nice looking partner. A bigger house, a fancy title at work, it could be absolutely anything. The most annoying thing is we just can’t help it, it is harder to stop than I ever imagined. It’s far harder to say “NO, this isn’t what I need” than it should be.

The question “what am I here for” is the most difficult question there is. The answer for most people will be “to be rich and successful”. Or “work hard and take care of my kids”, or even just “party hard and have a good time”. These are all perfectly acceptable answers, as long as you can be truly sure that once you achieve that goal, you will indeed be happy.

If the answer is even a fraction in doubt, you have the wrong goal.