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There is no torture like the first episode

I don’t really watch much TV, but when you’re awake at 2am with Lucie or the only one up at midnight you need something to stare at. That something has been Netflix for the past few weeks, purely because they seem to have loads of TV series coming out recently.

When I say loads, I mean really rapid fire, Netflix seem to be making as much stuff as they can, and seeing what sticks. The series range from truly brilliant series like Stranger Things, to the truly dire ones like Shadow Hunters. Unfortunately for those consuming, the descriptions leave a lot to be desired, so you have to delve into the first episode to see what it’s all about. That, is where the problems start, because I have never known a torture like it.

Fear of missing out

Told you this was a first world problem didn’t I. Torture might be a little over the top when compared to, well anyone that has actually been through torture. However there is a real issue and that’s FOMO or the fear of missing out.

I almost gave up on Stranger Things a couple of episodes in, but stuck with it and was truly taken back. And then there are some series that seem ok, but actually turn out to be a bit crap. I’m looking at you Santa Clarita Diet. Leaving me with a real worry about not giving things a real try.

So I have to watch at least one episode, and quite often two to find out if the series is any good. Which can be not only be time consuming, but if you’ve watched even one episode of Shadow Hunters or Helix (more than an hour each!), you end up wanting your time back!

Luckily a few have really stuck out in the last few weeks, OA about a missing blind girl returning years later being able to see. Travellers about future technology being able to take over peoples consciousness. Not to mention those already more mainstream like the absolutely superb Orphan Black and Sons of Anarchy, to the down right weird but entertaining People Just Do Nothing.

Join the fun, we meet at 2am!