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300 Words ish

Blogging is a really difficult thing. Honestly it is a lot harder than it looks. Writing words is easy, but finding something to write about every day is much harder than you think.

That’s not to say its is not a great thing to do. Writing something down, in your own words is very therapeutic. Unleashing your feelings, something you have seen or maybe just an idea that pops into your head works wonders for your mind. Either that or the tapping away on a keyboard really calms me down!

Although turning ideas into a few words is easy, but pushing it past 300 words is the real goal. For some reason 300 words has been the unwritten SEO target for years, but it really should be a mental figure to achieve. For some reason unburdening yourself of 300 words about a particular subject gives it greater clarity in your mind.

If your idea doesn’t get near 300 words, its not really worth it. That’s doesn’t mean it is not worth writing down, but may mean your ideas are simply not formed completely yet. Get past that barrier and it often means you have explained yourself well and given all the right information.

There are posts from me that go well past that, but 300 words ‘ish’ is the key to unburdening yourself. Give it a go, even if just for yourself or written down in a journal, do your own 300 words ish and see how much better is makes you feel.