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Stop learning to be better, and just be better

One of the very first apps I install on any new device is offline reader Pocket. It saves all of the interesting things I find for reading later but also surfaces lots of interesting posts and blogs that others are reading. The over whelming trend in these posts are thousands upon thousands of words written about trying to be better.

Thousands of articles on: “How to be a better parent”, “These three things are what millionaires do”, “Come up with a billion dollar idea today” — you can see the trend. These pop up all the time, so these types of posts must be extremely popular. Are people so desperate to learn how to be better at almost everything that they spend more time searching the internet and less time doing?

This is without the ‘motivational’ Instagram posts, inspirational podcasts and sudo science web stores. People spend far too much time listening, reading and watching videos on how to be better at things and not enough time actually becoming better.
Sure help and advice is the best thing to help you along in the journey. People like Aubrey Marcus and Duncan Trussel have helped me with insights and allegory to life’s battles. My overall aim is to try and do the save for others, but at some point you have to stop consuming and start doing.

You’ve had enough motivational talking to, so now it’s up to you. Other wise you’ll be stuck reading the same old blog, written by the same people. They have already made the change, they are telling you to change, but it is up to you to do the hard work.

Stop putting improvement off until tomorrow, and start right now. Small steps lead to greater things, but if you don’t put your foot forward nothing will change.