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Turn The Phone Over

Whilst driving back from a work appointment today I was listening to this weeks Macbreak Weekly on the TWIT network. This isn’t anything different to normal, until a talking point came up of a lady suing Apple for damages. This again isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but she is taking the legal action because her daughter was killed by a driver using FaceTime.

Yes, that’s a barmy as it sounds. The court case argues that because the driver was using FaceTime at the time of the accident, and thus not paying attention, it is somehow Apples fault. The lawsuit alleges that the firm should have introduced a feature that disabled use of the video-chat application while driving.

That really wasn’t what struck a cord with me, I’m kind of used to tech companies being sued for stupid things. I mean several companies are being sued because people die from terrorist attacks! Yet what did was the fact that the argument circulated around the fact that our phones draw our attention so much that companies should be shutting them off while we drive.

Is society so addicted to mobile phones that we don’t understand the risks of not paying attention while driving? Clearly the answer is yes.

It is not, and will never be any companies responsibility to shut off your phone so you can’t use it. It is the individual at fault fully and the fact that any argument exists to frankly ridiculous. I know Im old and clearly don’t understand the kids that feel the need to use their phone for a ridiculous amount of time during the day, but this is crazy.

With all this said, the times I use the facedown phone to signal I am fully paying attention is more than I can count. However I have the upper hand because I just look at my Apple Watch!