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Wearing A Fake Life As A Mask

I have read hundreds of posts centred around a real worry about the effect today’s world will have on the next generation. Clearly the focus mental health, social media and technology worries a huge amount of people, but nothing ever changes.

There can be massively damaging effects on people from the ability to not only always being connected and contactable all the time. Consider also the costs of living their lives through a piece of tech and not through their own experiences. I have written before about the damaging effects of too much information passing in front of your eyes, but the raising trend of sharing fake lives is perhaps much worse.

Wearing a fake life is like a veneer. Sure it might protect you from all the hate. But none of the love gets through either. – Aubrey Marcus

News broke recently of people in Russia renting grounded private jets by the hour to post pictures to Instagram. This is a very modern trend, that I am sure is not unique to this case, but it certainly portrays a trend rife on all social media.

I see thousands of users on social media, portraying their lives in a completely different light to their reality. They do things they don’t appear to enjoy because that is the fake life they are wearing, smiling and happy faces when in reality they are completely different. Depicting a distorted reality that ranges from a little exaggerated to down right incorrect on varying levels.

There is no need to fake your life. There is as much experience and enjoyment in overcoming adversity as there is in showing off on a fake private jet. Life isn’t all success and revelling in your achievements. It is dark, disturbing, hard work and dam rewarding – not shooting rainbows out of your ass 24/7.

Revel in your short comings, overcome those barriers and share those with others. In person or though social platforms – but don’t pretend. It may feel like it shields you from any adverse effects. Like wearing a mask means you can deflect any negativity away as if you’re playing a character.

It may feel like everyone else’s life is better than yours so you need to embellish a little. Just remember everyone else goes through the same things you do and are more than likely lying too. If you’re wearing a mask people don’t really like you anyway they like the character instead. Let the love through the shield and you will become a much happier and interesting person.