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The Worst C-Word For Writers

For more time than I care to remember I have been trying to make this whole blogging thing work. However in an increasingly crowded internet, and with a huge amount of talent, it is getting harder and harder to make a complete living from publishing – yet one word stands out almost as slur towards creation – Content.

It wasn’t until a recent Minimalists podcast that I even considered the word as something more than a noun. A description fo what I and thousands of others produce every day. Since then I have been thinking about calling my work content and have completely changed my perception.

The word content screams of creation purely for volume, and disregard of whatever it is, it’s purely there to fill a gap. Pushing creations out purely because it is expected or even demanded of you – all for the clicks.

Or views, or downloads or whatever metric you work in, creating ‘stuff’ purely to create a stream. I have been dragged down by this before, and began to take the view that pushing out 4 posts that received a quarter of the views, was the same as one more popular post. Yet it dilutes down the creating of meaningful content and brings down the general standard of my posts.

Daily blogging works for a few people, it can be curated into meaningful in sight full posts about thoughts and feels. Yet time and time again I see daily vloggers resort to more and more extreame things to post because they are dictated by views. Or resort to videos, blogs or even podcasts that don’t really say anything, but are published for the sake of it.

I am very much in the belief that if you must refer to your creation as content, that it is published to say something. To provide value and meaning to those that read it, or even value to yourself (much as my posts are). I have switched off all metric from my blog, because I simply don’t care how many people read it. I post things I want to post, comment on topics I wish to share my views on, and expect nothing in return.

If people want to comment back, and have a discussion, great. If not, I go on regardless. Without producing content just for the sake of it – but to add value to myself.