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Selfish Karma

If you’ve followed me on social media or actually know me in person you will know my beliefs. I make no secret of my followings of Buddhism and attraction to its meditative tendencies. This is not a religion for me per se, but can be used as a means to worship a ‘gods(s)’ if you so wish. However one of the prevailing beliefs is that of Karma.

Most people know what Khama is, the theory is practically Newtonian. What goes around comes around, every action has a reaction. When times are hard, or I’m struggling with something I often catch myself uttering “I’m not sure what I did in a previous life”. As if my hardship is the recompense for things I did wrong in a theoretical previous life.

It is only just recently I have become aware of how selfish that phrase is. By blaming a previous life for my punishment I am absconding blame to something I have no control over. By adopting this stand point I am not helping myself and in fact I am not living a balanced life, nor dealing with life’s ups and down. Simply holding my hands up and blaming something else for my miss fortunes.

When in actual fact bad things happen in life and that’s ok. The best times in life are after those of adversity and struggle. Instead of blaming the universe, God’s, or indeed Karma the struggle should just be embraced. Although this is much much harder than the words indicate. Simply accepting the situation you are in is a huge task when facing an uphill battle – but not an impossible one thankfully.

It is much worse when there appears no light at the end of the tunnel, however it is always down there shining away. Focus on the present, the here and now and keep moving forward. There perhaps appears people to blame, it maybe someone’s fault, it may be your own, but bad things do happen and there is always an up.