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Podcasts Is a Costly Medium Even for Listeners | Amit Gawande

I hate podcasts, because the medium is demanding. It demands so much time from me, demands focused attention to follow along.

And some more:

I have to alter my regular habits to accommodate podcasts in the daily routine. Time that was consumed by music for majority part of my life is taken over by podcasts now. If I have even a minute free, earphones are plugged and I continue what I was listening to. There are times when I question whether the medium actually deserves so much of attention from me.

The real beauty to me is that podcasts fit into my life so easily – but then I don’t consume much music.

Podcasts are pretty easy to pick up and put down at your leisure, some that I listen to are 4-5 hour episodes and there is nothing to say you can’t stop and start. In my opinion it’s much easier to listen to a podcast than read a web article so they fit in anywhere.