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Black Pattern Wallpapers

Thanks to the iPhone X OLED display I am even more in love with black wallpapers than normal. I roll my eyes a little when people claim to save battery, but they definitely save my eyes. Using black also seems to help not put as much stress on my brain. By switching to a black…

The iPhone Needs A Camera Button

The simple fact is, Apple like removing things. From home buttons, to MacBook Pro ports, to headphone jacks – there is a relentless march towards a simple unibody design with as few cut outs as possible. It makes the design of technology sleek, appealing and arguably leaves more room for important things like battery. Although…

Wheelchair Tourists – London

This isn’t the right thing to say but I dread taking my daughters wheelchair anywhere new. Most places are great but I can’t escape the feeling of dread because it only takes one poor experience to put you off completely – thankfully London was pretty great.

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Jisoncase iPhone X Leather Case Review

As much as people try and convince me otherwise, since the iPhone 6 I just cant use my phone without a case on. The rounded corners and slippery materials leave me with too much worry that my phone will drop to the floor at any moment. I’ve tried loads of cases, from dirt cheap to…