I Don’t Use My Phone Much

Every time I tweet these words or heaven forbid say them out loud, I get a wide variety of strange looks and responses. Many of which I couldn’t really understand and some of which could be the start of alienation completely. For some strange reason, some people took this personally β€” and that’s weird.

You may see my lack of need to use my phone as a statement of superiority. That I am looking down on those that do use their phones a lot, and while it could come across like this, nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is I could be seen on the same level as those weird families that didn’t have a TV while you were growing up. Not in a modern way β€” they don’t feel the need because they watch shows on a tablet or laptop β€” but because they don’t like it. These people seem to look down on others that did have a TV, and as Joey on friends asked, I never quite worked out what all their furniture pointed at.

I did use my phone a lot in years gone past. When spending hours and days on the road it became my lifeline back to my family and my working device. Sure I had an iPad, but my phone was always the biggest and best battery life iPhone I could get. It never left my person and I used it constantly.

Until the iPad mini was announced I was also talking myself into going with the Pro Max version this year and wrote about my thought process behind it (and some self-affirmation I needed). However, I spend most of my day sat at an iMac and when I am at home I just want to be away from things. So, my phone only fills in the small gaps now, it’s small itself because my needs have changed. I don’t use it much, but not in a weird way!


  1. Allow me to explore this is a bit deeper πŸ™

    I get you do not use the phone as much as you used to. Then, why do u think u found the need to upgrade to the 13 mini from the 12 mini. Also why go through the process of evaluating the 13 Pro.

    (Trying to understand your thinking)

  2. I wish I hadn’t to be honest. The easiest thing was for me to keep the 12 I was using before. However I had already made up my mind to get the 13 pro max and sold my 12 and Apple watch.

    I ordered the 13 pro but didn’t like it so bought a mini instead.

  3. @gr36 I’m the same way, my phone is a secondary device for me at most β€” and some days barely even that β€” since going all-in on my iPad. While these macro shots being shared lately are very tempting to get a Pro model for the camera, I still see the phone as a low-use device for me. Hell, if I could just use an Apple Watch completely independently without any need for an iPhone, I’d ditch a phone entirely. I barely even make calls on it, so I’m not even technically using it as a β€œphone”.

  4. @gr36 for me, my phone is the device that I can share across my personal and professional life. It has become an important element across, something that I carry with me the most. It can get most things done.

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