Amazon, Walmart, And Other Stores Have Too Many Options – The Atlantic

Seeing this ever-expanding variety and choice as advantageous to consumers is tempting. The economic theory that governs many Americans’ understanding of consumer choice posits that a free, competitive market should drive down prices on the best-quality stuff. But in the arms race to sell as many sandwich bags or beach towels as possible, a problem has become clear: Variety isn’t infinitely valuable.

I have never said amen loader or as many times as reading this post. If you’re going to sell a product or make a new one, what is the point in doing it against a backdrop of products like this?

Everyone has too much stuff, everyone buys too much stuff they don’t need, and shops stock far too much variety. I don’t need 45 different types of toothpaste, I just need 1 (2 at a push).

A large inventory isn’t a good thing to have, it’s a lazy thing to have.