Oversharing & Under Caring

When I think about ditching my Apple Watch after five years of faithful usage, I can only ever get about 90% there. The easy part is working out how I am going to use my phone and finding ways to stay connected only when needed and remove it entirely when I wish to switch off. Unfortunately that last few tweaks to my usage never fall into place.

There is one pretty big issues that I am not sure I can find a way around yet, it’s caused all sorts of headaches and stress already. I cant for the life of me work out how any one manages notifications without an Apple Watch.

This isn’t the first time I have thought about my notifications and managing them. It’s been a struggle since climbing up the corporate ladder — emails pinging at all times of the day and night. Factor in loads of apps that want your attention, and it could soon become a nightmare.

I love the peace and quiet, I love not having a tan mark on my arm, and I love the fact that I have one less bit of tech to manage. I just don’t know how anyone puts up with dings and phone ringtones in their life.

From the first time I put on my Apple Watch I don’t think my phone has been switched off silent. The Apple Watch allows me to be notified about what I want to show up, but with a subtle tap on the wrist. No buzzing, no dings and much less stress. I can often action it right then and there, without even needing to pick up my phone — I am actually getting comfortable answering the odd phone call from the Apple Watch too.

How on earth people manage notifications I really don't know. For the longest time I have turned everything off but messages, phone calls and emails from VIPs and it’s still too much without a watch to screen everything. So for now, the Apple Watch remains attached to me like a life jacket, there to stop me downing in noise.

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