Besiter Mercury Powerbank Review

Ever been taken out by the dreaded red battery level when yo want to get something done. Thats more of an open question, because we all have. Our mobile life is increasingly battery heavy so to avoid that warning boxes before your day is done, you need a power bank. Heres my review of the Besiter Mercury Powerbank.

*full disclosure – we were given the item by Kavson free of charge as part of the press attending The Gadget Show Live 2016.

If you have seen my video, you will already understand why I like this powerbank so much. Sure it has a great design, that takes all its cues from Apple products. In fact place it alongside an iPhone 6 or 6s and you might be hard pressed to know the difference at first glance. However it is on the bottom that will truly make a difference to Apple users like myself.

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Who would have thought the shape of a port could be so useful when compared to everything else on the market. The stark reality is, much like Apples own battery case, the rest of the competition require you to use a micro usb cable as well as a lightening.

So the Lightening version of the Besiter Mercury is fully MFI certified and uses a lightening cable to charge, as well as charge you phone – to keep you going when you need it most. There is also a more conventional micro USB version available, so make sure you check if you decide to pick one up.

Which you definitely should consider doing – the unit is also very well built and easy to store given its diminutive size. As said the 5000mah version is about the size of an iPhone 6, and the 10,000mah version is about the size of a iPhone 6 plus. You can purchase both versions in white an gold to match your phone colour if you wish, however there isn’t a rose gold (pink) version available.

The powerbank is available from Amazon or directly from the Kavson website. This is a company to watch as they have quite a few interesting products on the market, including a great looking quick-charge equipped unit.