Oversharing & Under Caring

Recently Chris Wilson set a challenge to come up with the best Apple related setups you can at certain price points. The rules are pretty simple:

  • You cannot use any other items
  • the prices are based off Apple’s website.

Unfortunately this is much harder in the UK Apple store as the prices work out much more expensive. However with a bit of thought (more than I expected) I have come up with some really good set ups.


  • iPhone SE 64gb £419
  • iPhone SE Leather Case
  • £45 Belkin BOOST UP CHARGE Wireless Charging Pad 5W £29.95

Total £493.95

There isn’t much you can do at this price point, and until the SE launched last week, it would have been much harder.


  • iPhone SE 64gb £419
  • iPad £449
  • Smart Cover for iPad £55
  • iPhone SE Leather Case £45
  • Belkin BOOST UP CHARGE Wireless Charging Pad 5W £29.95

Total £997.95

I would have liked to get a pencil in at the point but needs must and I really like this bag of goodies for only £1000.


  • iPhone 11 128gb £779
  • Silicone case £45
  • Belkin BOOST UP CHARGE Wireless Charging Pad 5W £29.95
  • Series 3 Apple Watch 42mm Cellular £329
  • AirPods Pro £249 11” iPad Pro 128gb wifi £769
  • Smart Keyboard Folio £179
  • Apple Pencil £119

Total £2498.95

I was looking forward to increasing the price point and this one was much easier. I tried to think about a cover for everything and what most people would be better off with.


  • iphone 11 Pro 256 £1199
  • Leather Case £55
  • AirPods Pro £249
  • Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone + Apple Watch £129.95
  • iPad Pro 12.9” 512GB Wifi+Celular £1269
  • Apple Pencil £119
  • Magic Keyboard £349
  • Apple Watch Series 5 Aluminium Sport Loop 44m Cellular £529
  • USB-C to USB adapter £19
  • LG Ultra FIne 4k £629
  • Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad £149
  • Magic Trackpad 2 £149

Total £4994.95

If you would have asked me to do this a few weeks ago it might have been different. However I feel that a desk and mobile iPAd pro set up with AirPods Pro, cases, dongles and even a monitor, Keyboard and trackpad. If iOS isn’t your thing there is enough in there to swop it out for a MacBook or Mac Mini, but this I by far the most processing power you can get for home and away.

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