Stop learning to be better, and just be better

One of the very first apps I install on any new device is offline reader Pocket. It saves all of the interesting things I find for reading later but also surfaces lots of interesting posts and blogs that others are reading. The over whelming trend in these posts are thousands upon thousands of words written about trying to be better. [Read More]

Disability and defining who I am

Weirdly it was King Fu Panda that introduced me to the idea of establishing who I am. With that said you don’t have to sit alone in a cave for 10 years asking “who am I”, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to really know what makes you do the things you do. [Read More]

Amazon Didn’t Kill Retail, It Killed Itself

Many millions of people still buy things from retail stores, this is still a fact that most people predicting doom seem to forget. Yet they still scream that retail has been killed by Amazon and other online retailers. Unfortunately, despite what those who own or work in retail stores believe, the internet isn’t to blame, its you! [Read More]

Men And Mental Health

I will always speak quite openly of my struggles in the hope it helps even one person. I will never forget the opening of the London Olympics in 2012 for the rest of my life. As excitement grew in the stadium, and the world looked on I was struggling, but I really should have noticed sooner. [Read More]

Who are you?

How do you find something when you have no idea what you are looking for? I had no idea what needed to change, but I felt fed up. Fed up of being a shadow of the person I was and the person I should be. Fed up of having no motivation, fed up of being lazy and fed up of the way my brain made me feel. [Read More]

I bought so much stuff because I thought it made me cool

I know, ‘cool’ is a really 90’s, word but I have no idea what to call it. After experiencing a revitalised look at life I often not only question things I do, but things I have done in the past. By far my largest regret is the amount of money I have spent consuming, simply because of the image it portrayed. [Read More]

Prime Day and consumption

Whilst working in retail, one of my colleagues was obsessed with buying everything. To the point he put himself in thousands of pounds of debt and to the point of disparity. Yet every sale time came around he would pull out his debit card with the phrase “but they’re 50% off”. [Read More]

Becoming a father against all odds

I am no stranger to being very personal on my blog. In many ways I type things I would never say out load, or often lack the situation to put into words in the first place. [Read More]

Sit in silence

Do you ever just sit and people watch? It is one of my favourite things to do, just watching and sharing in the lives of others. The people that simply walk past or are just around whatever you are doing are actually really interesting if you just pay attention. [Read More]

300 Words ish

Blogging is a really difficult thing. Honestly it is a lot harder than it looks. Writing words is easy, but finding something to write about every day is much harder than you think. [Read More]

The dangers of being a phonehobo

What is a phonehobo you ask. It is a term myself and Kurt Colbeck coined back in 2013 for someone that changes their phones often. They bounce from handset to handset at such a blistering rate they never stop to call one ‘home’. We both knew these people, because we both were these people. [Read More]

What do you do?

When meeting new people, or even when getting to know someone a bit deeper, one question always pops up. The words are akin to always asking the taxi diver “have you been busy”. At falls out of your lips within a few minutes, an almost automatic conversation filler that feels strange but seems to attach meaning to the person. [Read More]

There is no torture like the first episode

I don’t really watch much TV, but when you’re awake at 2am with Lucie or the only one up at midnight you need something to stare at. That something has been Netflix for the past few weeks, purely because they seem to have loads of TV series coming out recently. [Read More]

I’m An Imposter

This sounds so stupid even as I type the words on the keyboard. Yet it is exactly how I feel. For the whole of December and January I hardly wrote a thing about anything else but myself. I was so fed up with writing about technology that I felt burnt out. Spending hours writing things I didn’t really care about just because I had to. Or at least felt I... [Read More]

This just isn’t making me happy

I don’t know if it was Christmas, the stress I put up with in the weeks leading up to it, or just the fact that Im getting old — but Ive been trying to make a change for the last few months. In fact you will already know that if you have read any of my posts since December. [Read More]

Sleep and me

From the age of around 15 until recently I have a had a real issue sleeping. Sleep was something everyone else did, far too much of it, and I I thought was a waste of time. [Read More]

You are supposed to be stressed

It is clear to anyone, that in terms of evolution we have come a long way in a short period of time. We live in the best period of time there has ever been. Our chance of survival to an old age is pretty high and dangers are at a very low level. [Read More]

The Art Of Conversation

This sounds really stupid, talking to other people is one of the most natural things to do. Yet the more people I talk to, from all levels of society, the more I realise that the vast majority of people simply do not know how to converse. [Read More]

Great Customer Service

I guess today post is about other people for a change. I have written too many words in the last few weeks about myself that I feel like a narcissist ( I spelt that correct on the first try to). My friend once told me that I’m “full of useless information and advice” and I guess that leaks out into my writing every now and again. [Read More]

Non tech writing

For the last few years I have dedicated myself to writing about technology. I have always found something in writing words down. Reading and writing were frankly not my strength at an early age, but the expression of scribbling words down onto paper gave me something that nothing else did. [Read More]

Turn The Phone Over

Whilst driving back from a work appointment today I was listening to this weeks Macbreak Weekly on the TWIT network. This isn’t anything different to normal, until a talking point came up of a lady suing Apple for damages. This again isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but she is taking the legal action because her daughter was killed by a driver using FaceTime. [Read More]

Is that thought true?

It seems as though I am on some kind of journey of late. Since finishing work for Christmas, I have been seeking to improve my health through all sorts of avenues. Both my mental and physical health had taken a huge hit over the preceding 3–4 months so a much needed change was needed. [Read More]

Turns Out I Was Right About Social Media

The idea of information overload has been swirling in my head for quite a while. The idea that our brains simply are not capable of dealing with this constant barrage of information. I wrote a post about the effect usage is having on my mind a few days ago — and it turns out I’m not the only one. [Read More]

Belonging to a team

Since pretty much the dawn of time we have been looking for ways to make sure we are different from each other. Understandable when your competing for limited terrain or food sources, yet we still do it whilst wrapped up in an easy existence.  What once was tribal warfare, evolved into splitting ourselves based on arbitrary drawn country borders, and now the lines are draw over some of the... [Read More]

Why all the noise?

So yesterday I went back to the gym. It’s not a place I visit often, as I prefer exercising outside. With an even longer break recently due to injury and illness, it was hard to go back at all but I returned anyway. Wanting to give my body some different stress to deal with for a change.  Nothing ever changes, from gym to gym, location to location they are... [Read More]

Social Media And My Mind

This might seem like a weird post from me, given that I am a massive user of social media and have lots of followers. Yet I’m fast coming to the realisation that I don’t think SM is good for the mind — and perhaps it is time to take stock and find out if it is really all worth it. [Read More]

Me Meditating? Yeah right

I’ve had lots of responses to yesterday’s post about sleeping better. Thankfully this trend is carrying on, although Lucie is trying her best! Most people asked about the need to meditate or how to get started so I thought I’d post a great way you could start — with an app. [Read More]

Oh Hello 4am

 For all of the time Lucie has been with us I have become accustomed to being awake at ridiculous times of the morning. Autism has provided some truly magical things in our life, but some truly difficult things too. Broken sleep is one of the hardest thing to cope with and makes everything that bit harder. Yet this morning it’s not Lucie fault, I’m awake because I’m actually sleeping... [Read More]

It is the day after Christmas

In the last few weeks we have had a life full of stress, and for once not because of presents and last minute shopping. Getting everything ready to be able to have 10 days off work, and health issues with almost the entire family have been hard to get through. [Read More]

Podcasting \> The Written Word

I am literally surrounded by keyboards all day, every day. Even on the odd occasion there isn’t a computer sat beside me I carry around an iPad pro. However my motivation to bash away on the keys is at an all time low. Well I guess other than this post! [Read More]

We live in a knockoff world

Where has all the innovation gone? People are quick to blast companies like Google, Apple and even the film industry for lack of innovation. Recycling the same ideas and products instead of creating something new. Although what actually is the point, when we seem perfectly fine for other to steal those ideas and sell them as their own. Gone are new ideas, replaced with other peoples ideas, changed slightly to... [Read More]

Words are simple

I have always been ok with words, some may have thought I was a child too clever for his own good. However I quickly used this to my advantage, first when making my way through school, then talking to the opposite sex and now my employment career as a trainer. [Read More]

Stupid Kid Stuff

Hey, how are you doing. Long time no blog. I tried to write daily and made it a couple of weeks. Well I went to Lincoln today, a journey that always brings back memories of my more youthful times. Lots of great times shared with friends, family and everything in-between. [Read More]

I was doing it wrong for so long

I have always found something in writing words down. Reading and writing were frankly not my strength at an early age, but the expression of scribbling words down onto paper gave me something that nothing else did. [Read More]

Gaming is backwards

As a youngster the only time I got to play on video games was a trip to the sea side. This might not translate very well to those in the US, but arcades and the like where very few and far between in the UK. If anything this just amplified the excitement. [Read More]

Bad things happen in life

In terms of life I am particularly lucky, I guess I should real off my entitlements now? I’m a white male, born to a middle class family in the UK. However bad things happen in life, and that is what makes you stronger. Don’t use it as an excuse, deal with it and move on. I just typed out three paragraphs, of how I was entitled to make this statement... [Read More]

Podcasts are NOT hard to make

I have been listening to podcasts for many years now. It’s kind of a natural progression from talk radio, but you can listen to whatever you like. However still lots of people still don’t know about podcasts, so the platform is always going to get bigger. [Read More]

Try explaining to your 4 year old about gender

I read lots of medium posts, some interest me, some are stupid but some just strike a chord with me straight away. One such post is only a few hours old, about a 3 year old asking why some people are gay. This reminded me of a conversation I had with my son about pink and blue. [Read More]

I’ve gone missing

Ok, it was a pretty hard task anyway wasn’t it? Daily Blogging coming on the back of next to no blogging at all. But it wasn’t impossible, it wasn’t the hardest thing to do in the world. Yet I’ve been missing for a few days. [Read More]

Tactile Stuff In A Digital Age

There was a time when the whole world was run with pen and paper. We have thankfully progressed, it took us 150 years to use the printing press for anything other than printing bibles - but we are now in a golden age of computerised everything. There are little rumblings though, small groups and ideas that are gravitating back to more manual things – and I am one of those... [Read More]