Selfish Karma

If you’ve followed me on social media or actually know me in person you will know my beliefs. I make no secret of my followings of Buddhism and attraction to its meditative tendencies. This is not a religion for me per se, but can be used as a means to worship a ‘gods(s)’ if you so wish. However one of the prevailing beliefs is that of Karma. [Read More]

The Worst C-Word For Writers

For more time than I care to remember I have been trying to make this whole blogging thing work. However in an increasingly crowded internet, and with a huge amount of talent, it is getting harder and harder to make a complete living from publishing - yet one word stands out almost as slur towards creation - Content. [Read More]

Wearing A Fake Life As A Mask

I have read hundreds of posts centred around a real worry about the effect today’s world will have on the next generation. Clearly the focus mental health, social media and technology worries a huge amount of people, but nothing ever changes. [Read More]

What Is This For

My online life pretty much mirrors my off line one. My excitement and inspiration often gives way to thoughts of despair, reluctance and the removal of all motivation. Weeks and months are a rollercoaster of feeling great and feeling like my life is over. [Read More]

Stop learning to be better, and just be better

One of the very first apps I install on any new device is offline reader Pocket. It saves all of the interesting things I find for reading later but also surfaces lots of interesting posts and blogs that others are reading. The over whelming trend in these posts are thousands upon thousands of words written about trying to be better. [Read More]

Disability and defining who I am

Weirdly it was King Fu Panda that introduced me to the idea of establishing who I am. With that said you don’t have to sit alone in a cave for 10 years asking “who am I”, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to really know what makes you do the things you do. [Read More]

Amazon Didn’t Kill Retail, It Killed Itself

Many millions of people still buy things from retail stores, this is still a fact that most people predicting doom seem to forget. Yet they still scream that retail has been killed by Amazon and other online retailers. Unfortunately, despite what those who own or work in retail stores believe, the internet isn’t to blame, its you! [Read More]

Men And Mental Health

I will always speak quite openly of my struggles in the hope it helps even one person. I will never forget the opening of the London Olympics in 2012 for the rest of my life. As excitement grew in the stadium, and the world looked on I was struggling, but I really should have noticed sooner. [Read More]

Who are you?

How do you find something when you have no idea what you are looking for? I had no idea what needed to change, but I felt fed up. Fed up of being a shadow of the person I was and the person I should be. Fed up of having no motivation, fed up of being lazy and fed up of the way my brain made me feel. [Read More]

I bought so much stuff because I thought it made me cool

I know, ‘cool’ is a really 90’s, word but I have no idea what to call it. After experiencing a revitalised look at life I often not only question things I do, but things I have done in the past. By far my largest regret is the amount of money I have spent consuming, simply because of the image it portrayed. [Read More]