In terms of life I am particularly lucky, I guess I should real off my entitlements now? I’m a white male, born to a middle class family in the UK. However bad things happen in life, and that is what makes you stronger. Don’t use it as an excuse, deal with it and move on. I just typed out three paragraphs, of how I was entitled to make this statement to you. It’s all deleted now, because it doesn’t really make any difference if I am or not. You either take it in or not.


There appears to be a habit to move your level of responsibility on to someone or something else. I am not sure if this current state of blame is a cause or a progression of this, but bad things do happen and no one is a fault if they remind you of this.

Apps such as Time Hop, and later Facebook moments have come under fire for bringing up statuses from a particularly unpleasant time in users lives. However it is just bring up posts, the algorithm used is not so self aware to avoid certain posts.

 If a particular person has passed away or you went through a traumatic time Facebook is not doing it on purpose. Deal with those feelings and move on. Again judge my entitlement and except if you wish but my feeling remain the same.

Trigger words

I didn’t even know this kind of thing existed until a few days ago, the belief that we need to avoid certain words or topics of conversation so as not to trigger some traumatic event that others may not know anything about. I agree if a topic make you feel uncomfortable, you should remove your self from the situation or just say — people are all the same they don’t do it to make you feel bad.

Lots of things make me feel bad, but sad feeling don’t all have to be negative. We don’t have to get all Inside Out in the topic here but sad things are good for you — think how boring the world would be if everything was easy. People are all the same, a mixture of experiences that make up the person that is in your life today. Enjoy it.