In the last few weeks we have had a life full of stress, and for once not because of presents and last minute shopping. Getting everything ready to be able to have 10 days off work, and health issues with almost the entire family have been hard to get through.

 Yet here we are, one day after Christmas and it has all been worth it. Both the kids and the family have had a brilliant time and that’s all that matters really. Yes Christmas is a capitalist and consumerist wet dream. Christmas becomes less and less about religion as the years go on, and more about spending money you don’t have to feel like a better person. I spend the months leading up to it wondering around shops thinking how full of crap they are.

Unfortunately Christmas is unavoidable — you make out of any holidays whatever you wish. For me it is all about spending time with family and having a break. Merry Christmas to all

Unfortunately for me I was dragged to the sales at 6am — although it really wasn’t worth it! Sorry to the retail staff, I feel your pain. I’ve been there done that and hope that eventually you get some time off after the stupid idiots like us have been and gone.  Many a year was I working until gone 8pm on Christmas Eve, only to return for 6am on Boxing Day. Stay strong and remember why your doing this (although you might wonder why right now).