I have always found something in writing words down. Reading and writing were frankly not my strength at an early age, but the expression of scribbling words down onto paper gave me something that nothing else did.

I was never really good at writing. I mean, I’m not fishing for compliments but there are people out there far better at throwing words together and putting together truly great ideas and stories. The issue is I have been doing writing really wrong for a long time that I want to tell others why.

All about them clicks

Early in my time ‘writing’ for other technology websites I managed to muscle in as a news writer. This is a writer in the very loosest sense of the word, it is not writing – simply regurgitating someone else’s words in your tone. Worrying about clicks, adverts and SEO far too much, where is the fun in that.

I was writing words, but not really SAYING anything. In actual fact the first website I spent any length of time with; would bastardise my writing it barely made sense. All for making the title clickable and in the ultimate search of good SEO scores! An editor once said to me, just keep repeating the keywords even if it feels redundant. This is all for what? During the 6 months eurotechtalk.com was a Wordpress site we had around 3,000 unique visitors a month. By no means any kind of popular website, but we managed to earn all of around £16 in Google Adwords. Sure I could have filled the page with adverts, but the point is words are what matters.

Crowded Media

To some websites SEO is a key earner, for large websites that gain all their revenue from clicks it is king. However they don’t simply achieve this with SEO plugins, and social sharing. It take legitimate hard work, at the back end and on the page. No article should have to repeat words just so it might be picked up by Google.

This is one of the reasons I love wiring on medium. All the crap that has a habit of tagging onto writing doesn’t matter. Type out whatever you like, link a couple of key words if you wish and jobs done. I enjoy it so much that I have three publications on medium now.

One is my attempt at daily blogging, it didn’t work. The other is my disabled daughters personal blog with tongue in cheek (written by me) – and the other is Eurotechtalk. Where tech stuff might be written, it might not – but the words matter more than anything.