As a youngster the only time I got to play on video games was a trip to the sea side. This might not translate very well to those in the US, but arcades and the like where very few and far between in the UK. If anything this just amplified the excitement.

 When on a day trip or holiday I couldn’t wait to pump my allocated spending money into Streetfighter, Wrestlmainia or the Simpsons game. Surrounded by others doing the same, mystified by the game play and desperately trying to get further than last time.

These titans of the British arcade must have made thousands for the owners as some people would even form a line waiting for a turn (how very British of us). Ready to pump the machine full of our allotted spend of 20–50ps. I didn’t go to an arcade very often, but when I did I went home having spent everything!

A New Arcade

During a recent trip to the coast I went in search of a game to play while my other half pumped her beloved Bingo machine full of pound coins. I searched and searched for an good old arcade game. Looking high and low for a platform time waster, beat ‘em up or at worst a quick game of football. Unfortunately it would appear that these games are no more, the gaming world is now backwards.

 What I did find is a huge arcade filled full of mobile games! The space once occupied by games that where destined for the home console in a year or so is now full of games that where stapes on mobile phones a year or so ago. No more Streetfighter, Streets Of Rage or Virtual Striker — simply Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja and Flappy Bird. What has happened? I have not been out the loop that long have I? I would have thought that perhaps games now went onto console first and then a select few made it into the arcade, but I never would have thought mobile games would make it this far.

Maybe I need to buy a home console because gaming is completely backwards. Tagged in Gaming, Videogames, Arcade