Where has all the innovation gone? People are quick to blast companies like Google, Apple and even the film industry for lack of innovation. Recycling the same ideas and products instead of creating something new. Although what actually is the point, when we seem perfectly fine for other to steal those ideas and sell them as their own. Gone are new ideas, replaced with other peoples ideas, changed slightly to avoid ending up in court (or not depending on how brave you are) and sold for a quick profit. We’ve always had knockoffs on market stalls and sold by blokes in the pub — but now they are sold in high street shops and marketed by huge companies.

 I snapped these two shop window posters on the same street this morning, shops and buyers alike seem perfectly happy with this. I’m all for saving a few quid but isn’t this all a bit too much. This goes right from chocolate, to reproduction movies through to Instagram’s downright thievery.

The Xiaomi effect in tech

This seems to bleed through into the tech world quite a bit. What is the point in companies like DJI or Apple spending millions developing new products to have other companies to spend next to nothing pulling it apart and reproducing it cheaper? They simply stop at nothing, reproducing drones, dash cams, TV’s and everything you can think of as crude copies.  Whats the harm you might ask. Well the customer does certainly benefit, shelling out much less on the product they desire. Although they certainly get something of lesser quality — if you’re ok with it why not! Unfortunately these issues don’t just stop and slightly cheeper plastic.

The software and internals are often very cheaply made, leading to security issues a plenty. The major internet DDOS attacks over the last few months have been very highly linked with cheap IoT devices that can be taken over. Flash point found that compromised digital video recorders (DVRs) and IP cameras made by a Chinese hi-tech company such as XiongMai Technologies are the number one culprit. These major issues are spawning more and more attacks and resulted in major internet down time a few weeks ago.

So next time you pick up a cheap handbag copy for a family member, or a knockoff bag of sweets for the movies and think whats the harm. Don’t extend those thoughts to anything you actually need to be secure.