I’ve had lots of responses to yesterday’s post about sleeping better. Thankfully this trend is carrying on, although Lucie is trying her best! Most people asked about the need to meditate or how to get started so I thought I’d post a great way you could start — with an app.

 Headspace is a great tool for getting started with just taking a few mins out your life for quiet time and reflecting.

Many people think meditating is a strange practice and don’t understand why you would do it or what it achieves. This is understandable given the mysticism that surrounds it and the image most people get it monks hidden away in a mountain retreat. When really it is simply taking some time out of your day to sit as quietly as possible and just turn your attention to you.

You can simply start by taking 10 mins while you’re in bed and concentrate on your breathing and focus on how your body is feeling.

 Like most things in life meditation takes some practice to get the most out of it. But you will start to see the benefits straight away simply by calming your mind. Headspace can be downloaded on iOS and Android or simply through a webpage on your computer. The free trial will get you a 10 day program that is an excellent start to guided relaxation and meditation.

If you want to sign up, there are more guided session and specific programmes to help you focus on certain goals such as sleeping better or controlling your moods. If you already subscribe to Spotify you can get a combined deal for music and Headspace here.

 This is by no means an advert, you won’t find any affiliate links without warning! There are also some great podcasts out there of guided meditation. I simply wanted to let you know how easy it is to get started and everyone should at least try it! I challenge everyone to give the 10 days freebie a go and let me know how you feel. Tagged in Meditation, Mindfulness, Health