Ok, it was a pretty hard task anyway wasn’t it? Daily Blogging coming on the back of next to no blogging at all. But it wasn’t impossible, it wasn’t the hardest thing to do in the world. Yet I’ve been missing for a few days.

Im now editing two podcasts over at mobiletechtalk, and I am doing it in depth. After investing in Logic Pro X I really want to focus on quality. Unfortunately to increase quality you have to increase the time invested in it, so I have a little less of it. Meaning the written word has taken a back seat to the vocal one, but I am trying.

Welcome to the real world

At the end of all this, what matters to me is the real world. I have forged so many firendships through my tech talking but it will always be the first to decrease when the real world calls.

I don’t feel I have to reason with you, readers, but have to justify it to myself! My daily blog may not be every day, but I am still here and I am still writing things in pen — maybe I need a PA?