Prime Day and consumption

Whilst working in retail, one of my colleagues was obsessed with buying everything. To the point he put himself in thousands of pounds of debt and to the point of disparity. Yet every sale time came around he would pull out his debit card with the phrase “but they’re 50% off”. [Read More]

Becoming a father against all odds

I am no stranger to being very personal on my blog. In many ways I type things I would never say out load, or often lack the situation to put into words in the first place. [Read More]

Sit in silence

Do you ever just sit and people watch? It is one of my favourite things to do, just watching and sharing in the lives of others. The people that simply walk past or are just around whatever you are doing are actually really interesting if you just pay attention. [Read More]

300 Words ish

Blogging is a really difficult thing. Honestly it is a lot harder than it looks. Writing words is easy, but finding something to write about every day is much harder than you think. [Read More]

The dangers of being a phonehobo

What is a phonehobo you ask. It is a term myself and Kurt Colbeck coined back in 2013 for someone that changes their phones often. They bounce from handset to handset at such a blistering rate they never stop to call one ‘home’. We both knew these people, because we both were these people. [Read More]

What do you do?

When meeting new people, or even when getting to know someone a bit deeper, one question always pops up. The words are akin to always asking the taxi diver “have you been busy”. At falls out of your lips within a few minutes, an almost automatic conversation filler that feels strange but seems to attach meaning to the person. [Read More]

There is no torture like the first episode

I don’t really watch much TV, but when you’re awake at 2am with Lucie or the only one up at midnight you need something to stare at. That something has been Netflix for the past few weeks, purely because they seem to have loads of TV series coming out recently. [Read More]

I’m An Imposter

This sounds so stupid even as I type the words on the keyboard. Yet it is exactly how I feel. For the whole of December and January I hardly wrote a thing about anything else but myself. I was so fed up with writing about technology that I felt burnt out. Spending hours writing things I didn’t really care about just because I had to. Or at least felt I... [Read More]

This just isn’t making me happy

I don’t know if it was Christmas, the stress I put up with in the weeks leading up to it, or just the fact that Im getting old — but Ive been trying to make a change for the last few months. In fact you will already know that if you have read any of my posts since December. [Read More]

Sleep and me

From the age of around 15 until recently I have a had a real issue sleeping. Sleep was something everyone else did, far too much of it, and I I thought was a waste of time. [Read More]