I am literally surrounded by keyboards all day, every day. Even on the odd occasion there isn’t a computer sat beside me I carry around an iPad pro. However my motivation to bash away on the keys is at an all time low. Well I guess other than this post!

Many people comment on les millennials, they have no attention span, they use their phone all day and don’t read anything. With Snapchat, Instagram and at a push 140 characters on twitter its hard to see where written posts come in. So for the last few weeks I haven’t really seen the point in writing much.

With that all said I think podcasts or audio shows are the future. I had a fairly successful team of podcasters producing 2–3 shows a week on tech news, and I really enjoy guesting on the coolsmartphone show. Now its time for something more, is there such thing as audiologgin? Shows such as Analogue have really shown the beauty of podcasting, it’s not all tech news and audio dramas.

If you’re not listening to podcasts, you really should be. Its boom time in the industry and some of the best work is being produced now. I discover new shows to listen to over on Reddit all the time, and there really is something for everyone. I have promised to write more, but go get some podcasts in your life!