This might seem like a weird post from me, given that I am a massive user of social media and have lots of followers. Yet I’m fast coming to the realisation that I don’t think SM is good for the mind — and perhaps it is time to take stock and find out if it is really all worth it.

Being social has changed from going out and interacting with people to how many people you kinda sort of ‘know’ on a website. Lets be honest, it is far far easier to find people that have the same interest as you and who you want to talk to than it is in real life. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and the plethora of others that have tried claim the same thing. They bring people closer together and make it easier to interact.  Yet they all have the same goal, making money. They are not there for some fluffy Samaritan reason to make the world a better place. They exist to learn everything about you and make it easier for brands to sell you things. Each update or message you send is mined for scraps of useful information and held by a private company to use as they wish.

I would guess that’s a balance that you as users have to make, is it worth it for an easier way to talk to people you like? Many would say yes, but that isn’t the reason for my concern. I am fast coming to the realisation that we (as in humans) are simply not supposed to ingest all this information at our finger tips. Scrolling through ‘news feeds’ and getting glimpse of friends updates is just not healthy.

Social Positives

This could all be subjective, and I get many positives out of Twitter especially. I have met some fantastic people and my circle expands world wide. I can easily interact with people that have similar interests as me in the US, Switzerland, Finland and many more countries in an instant.

 Yet it leaves me feeling drained, with a constantly busy mind. Ingesting information about other peoples lives, news articles and opinions from hundreds of people. SM particularly on a mobile device has been proven to affect short term memory loss and even worse. People such as Cynan Clucas, who was diagnosed with ADHD after technology reduced his workload to such a level his brain became lazy are common. It’s something I have felt for the last few weeks, feeling my mind slipping away and struggling to recall simple things. My short term memory was shot to pieces and becoming lazy, leaving me to rely more on digital services to remind we what I should be up to!

The good news is the effects seem to be reversing, and I can feel myself becoming clearer again. Perhaps it was simply due to burn out and the benefits are because I have managed to have a rest. Or maybe we just are not cut out for all this noise. Tagged in Social Media, Tech