Hey, how are you doing. Long time no blog. I tried to write daily and made it a couple of weeks. Well I went to Lincoln today, a journey that always brings back memories of my more youthful times. Lots of great times shared with friends, family and everything in-between.

Each time I drive in I think of the countless times a gave a great friend of mine a lift home after work. Someone who had a massive effect on my life and my personality, probably more than he will ever know. Someone I spent hours with during working hours and also countless hours drinking and socialising with after work.

 This sounds like he died or something, he’s still alive, but unfortunately during a nastly split with an ex-girlfiend I stopped talking to him. Not because he did anything wrong, but because he stayed friends with us both and I wanted to get as far away from her as humanly possible.

For many years I held a grudge against a few people for doing exactly this, and I am man enough to admit that was stupid. However we all do stupid things in our past that affect our future personality. Is it possible to know that something you did was stupid but not regret it?

I am not about to go on some kind of my name is Earl karma cleaning spree, but I wish you all the best.