There was a time when the whole world was run with pen and paper. We have thankfully progressed, it took us 150 years to use the printing press for anything other than printing bibles - but we are now in a golden age of computerised everything. There are little rumblings though, small groups and ideas that are gravitating back to more manual things – and I am one of those people.

The Internet provides us with not just 24/7 communication, but also access to the largest publishing platform ever known. With a little time and a website you can publish whatever you want, and it’s available to almost everyone. Blogging, Vloggin, Instagram, Facebook, there are countless things you can do – and I have done most of them.

 By putting words down on a screen you can gain some money, even a certain level of following, but neither of which I have pursued. Writing brings with it a certain type of enjoyment, publishing my thoughts and digesting them in my mind. Most of the time this has been technology based, but since starting my daily blogging (I have missed two days) I have realised I don’t write to publish it at all.

My Journal

What is more personal to me, the art of writing down what I think and concluding everything is more important that hitting the publish button. Which in turn has lead me to returning more and more to pen and paper.

 I have written already about my journal. It started as a way to record things in order to type up later for my blog. It has transformed into so much more — simply writing down things I have heard, interesting topics and all sorts of random thoughts. I feel at times like I am writing a letter to my future self, just saying “hey remember the time when…”.

It has also helped me deal with a few things, realise some things bother me more than I thought and deal with the feeling that are there immediately. Improving my mental state and also my relationships with people, mulling over things that previously might have only existed my my subconscious.

 It is also about the art of writing, dragging an ink filled bit of metal in a certain pattern that displays your thoughts. Sometime that is a well written bit of prose, but more often that not it wouldn’t mean anything to anyone but me. I enjoy it, and at a time when I could write straight onto the screen of my iPad it feels like regression. Thats ok though, because life is more than 1’s and zeros — it’s about feelings, and nothing beats the feel of writing.