I have always been ok with words, some may have thought I was a child too clever for his own good. However I quickly used this to my advantage, first when making my way through school, then talking to the opposite sex and now my employment career as a trainer.

 Although at no point have I ever considered myself a ‘writer’, for a significant period of my life I have enjoyed writing. I would guess I am a blogger at best – focusing on my huge interest in technology. Unfortunately the technology space is so crowded with others it is almost impossible to make an impact.

Once a website reaches a certain size there is an understandable urge for blogs (or even people) to get caught up in the technology hype. Losing all focus on reality and completely forgetting why they started writing in the first place. Advert clicks, free products and social media fame are not the targets people should be aiming for. It is producing things to the best of your ability and feeling happy with your product.

I now know different

I know this because I was no different – caught up trying to publish what I thought people wanted to read. Constantly worrying that the website needed more and more posts. After a very short period of time that gets tiring and starts to affect almost everything.

All this stress when I should have been focusing on producing interesting content and enjoying what was happening. I feel like this is a common occurrence for all sorts of forms of media - loosing sight of what’s important and doing things for enjoyment.

I discussed this on the Cool Smart Phone podcast which you can listen to here. If these things are the focus, the by products are adverts clicks, revenue and hopefully a small about of fame. If I could go back in time I would remind myself this and maybe things would have been different. However here is to life, enjoyment and focusing on the important things. Stay happy.