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The Essence of Apple’s Decision | Asymco

In fact that we ourselves don’t know how we make decisions has not stopped us from proclaiming, loudly, that we know how everyone else decides. Such proclamations about others’ decisions are especially confident and assured the more important, or highly visible, the decision.

In this short paragraph Horace managed to cut right to the root of everything I hate about technology commenters. I spent years trying to do this, commenting on points I had no idea of the thought process behind.

All I did was make guesses, and I was ‘no-one’ – but indeed so is almost everyone else. Sum up points, give your opinions on things, but don’t try and pretend you have any idea about why decisions are made unless you are the CEO of one of the most valuable companies in the world.
Even then, as Horace points out, not everything happens for a reason, people change, they grow older and simply want to change things, we don’t need a thousand hot takes.

Amazon, Walmart, And Other Stores Have Too Many Options – The Atlantic

Seeing this ever-expanding variety and choice as advantageous to consumers is tempting. The economic theory that governs many Americans’ understanding of consumer choice posits that a free, competitive market should drive down prices on the best-quality stuff. But in the arms race to sell as many sandwich bags or beach towels as possible, a problem has become clear: Variety isn’t infinitely valuable.

I have never said amen loader or as many times as reading this post. If you’re going to sell a product or make a new one, what is the point in doing it against a backdrop of products like this?

Everyone has too much stuff, everyone buys too much stuff they don’t need, and shops stock far too much variety. I don’t need 45 different types of toothpaste, I just need 1 (2 at a push).

A large inventory isn’t a good thing to have, it’s a lazy thing to have.

What If Instagram Got Rid Of Likes? – The New York Times

What would a metric-free, or metric-light, social media actually feel like? It’s not so easy to imagine revisionist platform histories, given how integral metrics have been to the stories of their rapid rise and dominance. These omnipresent numbers have also served as imperfect but widely used ways to quantify revolutions, jokes, screw-ups and presidencies. And their proprietary and borrowed names — shares, likes, follows, views — have infused our everyday speech.

This was one of the biggest things to get my head around but now one of the best things I love about

Getting rid of likes and follower counts gets rid of all most all of the attention seeking on social media. Believe it or not it makes the place much happier, a lot less stressful and spectacularly more honest.

A world without social influencers would be a much better place indeed.

Reading Thought #2 – Rhoneisms

So, in an effort to be more gentle with myself I’ve come to embrace my reading as a part of my practice. I call it Mindful Reading (more slowly — the opposite of speed reading). The idea that my lack of speed actually allows me to be more present with each word and idea. That, to feel shame and desire around this is causing needless self-suffering when self-kindness and permission are called for instead. So, if I read fewer books or it takes me longer to get through one it might mean that I simply was more present with the books I read. Mindful Reading is OK.

I am in a similar boat here, but my problem is I can’t stay awake long enough. My only free time is in bed after everyone has gone to sleep and some days I struggle to read half a page.

I’m going to call myself a mindful reader from now on, and my zzzz is just me thinking about what I’ve read

The Ios-Only Podcasting Kit | Tim Nahumck

That’s when I ended up finding something new as unique: the Røde i-XLR. This device was made for reporters, plugging into an XLR microphone and allowing mobile recording of interviews; when I saw it, I thought it might work perfectly for podcasting as well. Rather than take my XLR connection through an expensive USB interface into an XLR recorder of some type or another adaptor to my iPhone, this allows me to use my XLR connection and plug it directly into the iPhone without all the extra cables and steps. There’s even an app – the Røde Recorder – which was specifically made for this microphone. The idea was intriguing, so I decided to purchase it and test it out.

I’ve been talking to Tim about this set up for a few weeks and I’m really glad it works out. He’s a guy that truly is iPad only, and not just for the sake of saying so.

Let’s hope audio improvements come with iOS13, but this just goes to show with a bit of research and a little outlay you can do pretty much anything on an iPad.

Instagram Website Leaked Phone Numbers And Emails For Months | Cnet

The source code for some Instagram user profiles included the account holder’s contact information whenever it loaded in a web browser, says David Stier, a data scientist and business consultant, who notified Instagram shortly after he discovered the problem earlier this year.

As Facebook drop the ball more and more with issues like this I am fast coming to the conclusion that their devs are simply sloppy. One or two issues is troubling but can be forgiven, but it seems like every week another vulnerability is found at the big F.

Still want to give them your data?

Apathy Is A Wonderful Thing

It’s been over two years since the EU Referendum and US presidential election, and I’m still angry. But more and more, I find myself reading a headline and thinking, nope, not today.

You will see this crop up quite a lot with me at the moment. When talking about technology or connected areas I just can’t seem to care enough. I’m quizzed about how excited I am for WWDC but all I can muster is a shrug.

That’s not to say great thing won’t be announced, but I just can’t muster any emotion towards it. Equally I can’t get defensive of anything Apple does because I feel no affinity. It may seem strange, but my mental and emotional state is very happy being apathetic thank you very much.

The ‘Guru’ Trap – the Brooks Review

The theoretical is not the practical, and thus the advice, while smart and sound, is less helpful overall. What was hugely popular is no less bad, but becomes more philosophical because the use cases are more contrived — there’s no practical application and experience the writer is gaining.

I posted this link in my newsletter this week, but since doing so I have been thinking about it more. One of the best things about blogging is offering help and advice for things you are overcoming and for others to use.

It’s great to read technology reviews from professional reviewers, but what problems does this device solve. The best thing about Tim Nahumck Drafts posts are because he’s not a professional writer, Drafts solves problems in his life and he’s passing it on.

There’s a great need to not become a guru, but become guru like.

The danger of ‘I already pay for Apple News+’ | TechCrunch

Apple News+ threatens to open a massive hole in news site paywalls, allowing their best premium articles to escape. Publishers hope they’ll get exposure to new audiences. But any potential new or existing direct subscriber to a publisher will no longer be willing to pay a healthy monthly fee to occasionally access that top content while supporting the rest of the newsroom. They’ll just cherry pick what they want via News+, and Apple will shave off a few cents for the publisher while owning all the data, customer relationship and power.

While I understand the point made, I think there is a larger more positive argument. Just like myself, I would like to believe there are users out there that would read the occasional WSJ or other paywalled publication but don’t because the monthly payment isn’t worth it.

I am not convinced Apple news is excellent for most publishers, but it might not be as bad as everyone thinks. I guess time will tell, and I’m sure if the financials don’t stack up, we will see publications pulled from the subscription service.

How Meditation Is Like Weight Lifting | Philip Brewer

You don’t meditate to prove that you have great focus. You meditate to get better at noticing when you’re thinking and better at letting your thoughts go.

Meditation and mindfulness has really bad PR. It’s not all rainbows, Silicon Valley douches and yoga. It’s the simple act of getting better at focusing on yourself and letting your thoughts go.

There is no pressure to do it for any length of time, or a particular way. But the more you do it the better your focus will become and you will begin to recognise how much time you spend not present at all. Think of it as a bicep curl for the mind.

Sunday Firesides: Dependence To Independence | The Art Of Manliness

Unfortunately, many people don’t outgrow this phase of infantile dependence. They still primarily try to get what they want by manipulating others, by having a “tantrum,” by metaphorically quivering their lip or pooping in their pants and then waiting for someone to notice. They wait for a solution to their problems to arrive from the outside.

Do you ever just nod your head whilst reading a post that nails a thought you share. I meet so many people like this that I have started referring to the as adodlers.

People that are full grown adults that still behave like emotional toddlers. What’s worse is that I meet people with parents that are like this! Adodlers looking after adodlers, it’s mayhem.

Putting on some wait | Signal v. Noise

Whenever there’s an opportunity to pick the wait, I’m picking it. And I’m not filling my time with other things I have to do while waiting – I’m genuinely waiting. Waiting while doing nothing. Idling. If I’m in line, and it’s moving slowly, I’m not reflexively reaching for my phone to soak up the dead space. I’m just enjoying having absolutely nothing to do.

Over the last few weeks I have been pondering a post in which I encourage people to be bored. It is one of the biggest things that has increased my mental health and also my creativity.

Taking extra time is key. Taking in your environment when waiting at a checkout, appreciating noises and smells when out and about, and just taking your time.

I often enjoy nothing else but focusing on what is actually going on around me. Sure we all often know, but do we take time to study it? Put in some wait in your own life and you will be glad you did – I promise.