A 512GB iPhone 11 Pro Max costs less than $500 in parts | iMore →

Oliver Haslam wrote:

Which brings us back to my original point: these figures are interesting. But they can’t tell the whole story.

So, a company tears down an iPhone 11 Pro and produces some costing involved. imore write a post about it and now I’m linking to it – all to say that these things don’t matter. I cant work out if I am part of the problem or if it’’s all rubbish anyway.

However that is to say that these sorts of posts come out every time a high profile phone is released and no one really pays attention other than a few publications that are seeking the clicks. 

This is how companies work, the cost of producing a product is less than the price you sell it for. No one is surprised right?

Social Media And Depression →

Tracy Brower wrote

Social media use also has an opportunity cost. If we’re at home snapping our friends on Snapchat or posting photos on Instagram, we’re not connecting with them in person. Even if we are with people in person, being heads-down on a device means that we miss out on meaningful interactions.

I feel very mixed on social media, in one respect it has put me in touch with some people that I hoLd very dear in my life. People that I would never have met in ‘real life’ including my podcast co-host Nati who lives in Israel. But when I say social media I mean Twitter, because all others seem much more closed off.

On the other hand there is a huge amount of resentment I have towards platforms. I found myself being much less active and pretty passive now in terms of sharing things, simply because the culture at large is hugely negative when compared to a few years ago.

iPhone 11’s Deep Fusion Camera: Is This All There Is? | Toms Guide →

I wanted t make a simple link post, but there were so many little things I wanted to pull out it just didn’t work. Jason Snell wrote a long post for Toms Guide about the incoming Deep Fusion camera technology and left me all confused. 

Apple and its competitors know that smartphone buyers really do care about the camera more than anything else.

I can’t agree with this, I don’t think the camera is the be all and end all for most people. It’s simply near enough the only thing that smartphones can differentiate themselves from each other. Every phone is ok, they all take photos that are good – but want to fight over who has the best niche features. I really don’t think most people that buy an iPhone 11 Pro give a dam about a little more detail in some areas. They might buy the phone for a better camera than previous models, but they won’t jump on the bandwagon because of Deep Fusion. 

The iPhone’s Camera app is rife with little icons and stickers to indicate when a photo is being automatically cropped, when you’re grabbing Live Photo video to go with the still, and the like. And yet, at least in the iOS 13.2 beta, there’s no hint that you’re using Deep Fusion.

I am a little confused still, I don’t see the point in Live Photos, I don’t feel a need for HDR the majority of the time, but here we are with a really confusing camera interface. Apple used to excel in the ability to pull your phone out and Snapp a really good photo almost instantly. Now I am bombarded with portrait modes, dark modes and even the option to make the camera 16:9. 

Just do it all for me, and give me options afterwards. 

It gets even more interesting when you consider that some of these features are so subtle that you have to really pay attention, and make A/B comparisons, to see the difference.

I wouldn’t call it interesting – does anyone care of a jumper appears a bit more detailed. All in exchange for an image twice the storage size?

but in the end, we’re all part of a culture that has fallen in love with the ability to never let a memorable life event go undocumented. Along with the ability to look up where you’ve seen that random character actor in that TV show before, it’s one of the greatest things about having a smartphone.

All cameras are fine, we are obsessed with taking photos but I don’t believe it’s purely for memories.

I’m glad that Android exists | Excursions →

Amit Gawande wrote

There is no doubt that the always-connected1 and accessible Android devices have enabled all these use cases. The two combined have also managed to pull millions of more people into the digital age. Sure, iOS might be the more secure, more private platform that’s better for everyone. But it is not for everyone because it is not affordable to everyone.

Many people seem to forget this, Android has made a whole range of devices available at a seriously cheap price. I am not sure that much of the world would be as connected as it is without Google pushing it so hard.

Sure they have their own agenda for doing so, but we should be thankful it exist all the same. 

What’s taking eSIM so long to become mainstream? | Android Authority →

Robert Triggs wrote:

While remote SIM provisioning and a tiny secure chip are supposed to solve these problems, there’s still the issue of practicality. Checking and comparing data plans is easy enough online, but there’s currently not a good way to apply said plans quickly to your eSIM. Customers often have to pop into stores or buy eSIM packs, scan QR codes and mess around in settings menus. This is arguably more inconvenient than ordering a standard SIM.

Having used an e-sim for more or less a year I can confirm its more hassle than it really should be. The real beauty of a standard sim is you can transfer it it seconds.

When I set up my iPhone 11 I had to pay £1.50 because I had already transferred it into an iPhone XS Max a few months before. Staff  in carrier stores are still unknowledgeable and I don’t feel it is a problem that needs ‘solving’.

There is a benefit to traveling, but it is not so much of a pain to buy a local sim that everything needs to built into the phone.

How Much Money Do Podcasters Make? | Jack Rhysider →

Jack Rhysider wrote:

Some numbers. Libsyn is one of the largest podcast hosts and they put out numbers on what the average size shows are.

  • 7.1% of podcasts get 5,000 downloads per episode
  • 2% of podcasts get 20,000 downloads per episode
  • 1% of poddcasts get 37,000 downloads per episode

This is important to remember when whetting a podcast. I am now several years deep into podcasting and have never made a thing. I’m not sure if I every want to, but I thought I would when I first started.

Although Podcasting is now in its boom time, the shows that people listen to is extremely limited and advertisers are hard to come by.

Apple’s abysmal Mail toolbar design in iOS 13 →

Craig Grannell wrote:

A major differentiator since Apple’s earliest days has been interface design. Apple has long prided itself not only on creating more beautiful interfaces, but also much more usable ones. The aim has always been to make things more obvious, and also more efficient. So what happened in Mail for iOS 13?

There is a whole lot of weirdness in iOS13 and this is one of the strangest decisions in UI I have seen for a long time. When people that are reasonably proficient in using technology are convinced there is no way to forward an email you have a problem.

The button its self is not an issue, but the icon used is a lesson in hoe not to design an interface. It clearly implies reply and no further indication that another level of interaction exist beyond it.


Prepared to Walk Away | The Minimalists →

Joshua Fields Millburn wrote:

If I take on a new idea or habit, I do so because it has the potential to benefit my life. New ideas shape the future Me. Same goes for habits. Over time my ideas change, improve, and expand, and my current habits get replaced by new ones that continue to help me grow. Our readiness to jilt ideas or habits means we’re willing to grow—we’re willing to constantly pursue a better version of ourselves.

This is exactly my feelings towards working on new projects and brining new things into my life too easily. Far too many times now I have gone too deep into things without enough thought and burnt myself out trying. Minimalism isn’t just about having less stuff, its about being intentional with everything you do.