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9 years ago today this little cherub came to see us. Despite all the struggles, the smiles are all worth it. ❤️

Still can’t work out why sharesheet in notes doesn’t share the text 🙄

Every time there is a Notion update I dig back into it again. Realise the iOS app is still terrible and delete until the next update. Sigh.

Notes really needs to loose the textured background

I did something really wrong when moving people into lists on twitter. I’m now only following 84 people. I thought it was quiet around here 🤔

Off we go on the train

When one small line makes you cry….

Have You Ever Seen A Thought Take Shape?

I have, and what a strange thing it is. When Lucie looks at me blanked when I’m saying simple words, I might as well be speaking Chinese. Then all of a sudden she hears a word she knows – drink. She becomes dead still the moment the last syllable leaves my lips. Her eyes focus…

It’s hard for me to love these two more than I do already. But my love pales in comparison to the love they have for each other.

My grandad was a brilliant gardener

He once said to me “there’s just two ways to have the best garden in the village”. Of cause I waited with bated breath for the answer. He continued “you either work at it. Weed, prune, fertilise, care, learn and really pay attention to your garden and care about it.” “Or you trash everyone else’s”…

How proficient is JIRA for managing non software related business planning? Does anyone have any capable alternatives I should look at?