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I was going to order a brydge keyboard, but now. Maybe not

Taking a little break from twitter and some other things for a while. I will still post, but through my website and

If you need me drop me an email


This is a new one. Untrusted Shortcuts, you have to toggle in settings in install them from ‘untrusted sources’

I’m surprised how muchI like this new layout.

Some really interesting UI improvements to iPad Pro, including shortcuts straight from the share sheet which I leaked a while back. This is a huge step forward for the iPad

One final test to make sure emoji are now working on my blog. If this fails I might cry 😭

I cannot get emoji to work when posting from WordPress to I’ve disabled the standard emoji, but still no joy. Just shows ???

Can’t handle anything other than a black background on my phone. So this seems great

This was my project for today. Very happy with it

I need new voices in tech podcasts. I’m tired of the same old opinions and tired points of view. There must be some coming through?