Oversharing & Under Caring

I tried really hard to make the last edition work, but it failed at the last step and didn’t deliver to your inboxes! This is the most critical step and one that can’t be overlooked. No point in doing a newsletter and it not going anywhere.

Thankfully I am now sorted, well if you’re reading this, I am definitely sorted in building my members area and also email API correctly. It’s been a huge learning curve and one I hated at the time, but glad to pick up some more skills along the way.

I would love to get your feedback on my approach to the newsletter and the things contained in it. I wanted something easy to do and expandable if required. Don’t forget at any time if you wish; you can also read the post online by logging in.

Master Pointer

At this point in my life, I am spending far too much time with a mouse in my hand and its catching up with me. The trusty Magic Mouse that has gotten methought so many years of work has been retired and replaced by a Logitech MX Master 3.

After using it for a couple of days, I am amazed by how much difference it makes to my wrist and arm. The Magic Mouse is bar far the most useful with macOS but simply too flat and not ergonomic enough for many usages - or perhaps I am getting old.

There is a massive range of shortcuts and mappable buttons on it too so I will play around with it and see where I get too. The beauty of ordering from Amazon is that if it doesn’t work, I can send it back (shhh don’t tell them). I will at least write a review of it after a week or so as there isn’t much out there that isn’t paid for unboxing videos.

Podcasting Returns

I haven’t written much about my return to recording And You Are publicly, but I am so glad to be back talking to awesome people. This is the show I like to listen to most, so I hope you do too. After missing a week with a lost voice I have returned with Martin Feld, we had a brilliant chat that flew past about a whole range of topics. There is nothing better than a long rambling chat about whatever comes up and disappearing down rabbit holes.

There are now another four guests booked in for the coming weeks, so I am well ahead of schedule. However, as we approach the middle of the year, I plan to slim this down to perhaps every other week depending on guests.  I want to start moving away form technology lead podcast after I have spoken to the people that interest me in the field. I have coming up some exciting people in law, an international athlete, a fitness guru and a few others later on down the line - I need to pin down the times.

A direct shot of a professional microphone used for podcasting
Photo by Jonathan Farber / Unsplash

Where I come down on the iPad.

I didn’t want to write anything publicly on this. Mainly because I’ve shared my thoughts before, but also because people like Matt Birchler and Andy Nicolaides have so eloquently summed up their opinions which I share many of.

You see, until recently I was a die-hard iPad user. You couldn’t give me a laptop to do my work because I loved working on iOS so much. It took a few years to get their (6), but I was delighted with what it offered me to work on. I spent a ridiculous amount of money on a 12.9 cellular model with keyboard and pen, but I did it out of love for the platform.

Here’s the thing, although I’ve quit using it now, I completely understand why people still use it for everything. It’s a device that can be added onto, used in different ways, and just about squeezed into most people’s lives. One huge benefit now is that working on the iPad is now no longer an iPad Pro level expense. You can get 90% of the usage from a £329 iPad, and a £79 pencil if you want to draw.

My ultimate gripe is Apple breaking things and hindering my work. Apple broke Shortcuts use of images for months, and I couldn’t do what I needed any longer. They changed multi-tasking again with iOS13 and broke my brain again, trying to get things done. I can’t invest any more time learning things, and if that’s the case, I question the intuitiveness of some of the design choices.

I am not against working on the iPad, I am all for it, but there is also some blinkered opinions floating about because working on iOS is a page of honour. The question raised about familiarity and intuitiveness is as valid going one way as the other. Use whatever it is to get things done, but make sure they are done as efficiently as possible and stop questioning others usage.

With that said I have lusted after an iPad Pro again after seeing some users setups - let me see yours.

Remembering Old Phones

While setting up my wife’s new iPhone 11, we were comparing photos we have both taken over the years. We have a shared iCloud folder fill of kids photos covering almost every moment of their lives. We are both very snap happy when it comes to our adventures, and even more so when something is happening, that’s eventful.

What struck me is that I can remember which phone the images were taken with, and I was taken over by waves of nostalgia. I can pick out old Android phones like the Nexus 5 (terrible camera) and so many previous version of Galaxy S phones I think we had them all. Yet I can pinpoint the exact moment I moved to the iPhone, it was a sunny day, and the iPhone 5s had been out about a week.

After picking it up, I went around the garden taking photos of everything and marvelling at how great the camera was when compared to everything else I had used previously. Amazing that the camera has become such a part of our lives that each version of the technology behind it is evident until a point where they all became ok.

Do you think you could do the same? Give it a shot.

Until next time 🤙

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